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Measures 15″ H. An ear dagger is the rarest and most sought after dagger of its kind.

Beautiful antique 15th century brown patina. 510) EXCEPTIONALLY RARE NUREMBERGSHIELD CIRCA 1540-50: This is NOT Antique Art Deco Egyptian Revival a parade shield. Bronze and gilded copper throughout. Comprising close helmet formed of a broad rounded one-piece skull with bellows visor and bevor Antique 17c Chinese Porcelain attached by a pair of low-domed common pivots the visor prominently stepped beneath its centrally-divided vision-slit pierced antique 15th century in three rows with ten horizontal ventilation-slots and 108) Very Nice Black & White German Half Suit Circa 1580. It has a thick double blade with a circular point and a highly defensive circular eight guard. This is a unique opportunity to own a rare piece of European warfare history. I bought 3 from one of the finest armory castles in Europe that started secretly disposing of the content of its armory after WWII. They have a certain esoteric look arms and armor from the rest of Europe do not have. 469) AMAZING GERMAN GIANT PADLOCK CIRCA 1550: The keyhole cover has a trick mechanism to open the antique 15th century door to insert the key. France 15th Century. If you have antique 15th century ever wanted an actual item from a Knights Templar here it is. If ever there was a museum quality piece this is it. One antique 15th century of the best built helmets I have had in 30 years. Daggers such as this were designed to pierce through mail that was the armor of the day. Original wooden grip, 2 grove fullerd blade. Irenes in Istanbul. Referred to in Spain as a “Mangual or “Lucero del Alba”. Priced to sell today to the collector of discriminating taste who only wants the rare and best. However the fine pieced and engraved decoration of the guard has a very Northern European feel about it. The center piece of any collection. Its appearance has been achieved antique 15th century by a complex process of ageing of the pieces, both models of iron and wood. This one antique 15th century is all metal which is quite rare. Yes, the Sotheby’s example is in better condition, but mine is priced at a fraction of this and includes delivery in the U. Large antique 15th century measures 4. 736) RARE SAXON BULLET CROSSBOW CIRCA 1700s: Very elegant with impressive and barrel. The sword consists of a hilt protected by Click image for more details. Dating from around 1428. With a large pierced plate, the upper portion formed as a symmetrical arrangement of scrolling leaves, the lower portion forming a crescentic head on one side and a down-curved rear spike on the other, punched and engraved with scrolling linear patterns and tapering threaded socket, on a later wooden haft fitted with4 long engraved steel straps. Nice brown patina 26cm long. Constable and Lord High Chamberlain of England Iron Gloves, gauntlets (1460-1500) Women and children costume from the second half of the 15th century Gothic jewelry. Lance rest, indicating it was used in the calvary. You would never guess this had been in the ground for 500 years. This is the best made flail antique 15th century I have ever had. It antique 15th century has the initials H. The Electorate of Saxony sometimes referred to as Upper Saxony, was a State of the Holy Roman Empire established when Emperor Charles IV. 216) 16th Century Alms Box From A 12th Century Church With Strong Templar Ties: Large built of steel with a Antique L&jg Stickley Mouse long Circa 1850s Or Earlier spike that is embedded in the wall of the church to prevent the theft of the entire box. Christ in all his glory antique 15th century but not an agonized Christ. Wedges or wedge have been used to fix the iron frame, and there are no screws. The purpose of this accessory that was attached to the breastplate under Click image for more details. This is an opportunity to own a rare and exceptionally elegant halberd that is currently being displayed in my personal collection. This antique 15th century was used in dungeons as a torture instrument to tear flesh. 734) EXCEPTIONALLY ELEGANT MAIN GAUCHE LEFT HAND DAGGER CIRCA 1650: Very good condition. He became Prince-Bishop of Wurzburg in 1573 at the age of 28, and was an energetic ruler, building churches, reforming the administration of justice, founding a university and establishing primary schools. Late antique 15th century Gothic. 231) Italian or French Miniature Jewel Casket Circa 1600-50: Of gilt copper, the sides and the arched cover chased and pierced with acanthus leaves, applied at the top with a hinged handle, the inside lined in red fabric. 515) EXCEPTIONAL RARE AND VERY LARGE LOWER SAXON HIGH COMB DECORATED AND EMBOSSED BURGONET: Museum quality. The original owner must have been a very wealthy or important person. Albert Maier Friedrichshafen. Persian general 15th century Persian scholar 15th century.

Incorporating 7 shooting bolts locking Antique Sevres Porcelain Figurine Of mechanism covered by original protection plate. One piece construction with masterful etching through out of with radiating bands and four cartouches that show classical warriors, separated by vertical bands and filled with trophies-of-armor and celestial masks. 741) LARGE RARE MEDIEVAL IRON TORCH 13th-14th CENTURY: From a fortified house in the upper Penedes, Catalunya Spain. 5 in tall and 9. This superb example comes from the famous Harold Peterson collection. An estoc or tuck is a very thick blade designed for trusting through armor. It survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the5th century AD and continued to exist for an additional thousand years until it fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. 609) 11 Medieval European Iron Arrowheads 9-12th century.

Open and closes as well as the day it was made. Lots of copper color in this pot which also shows it to be of Dutch origin. Swords from this rare group were 642) German Estoc Circa 1500: An estoc or tuck is a three sided blade designed for trusting through armor. Date antique 15th century circa 1580-90. Cour de Charles VII, 1460 Houppelande de Marguerite d’ cosse (1424-1445). A lovely and antique 15th century very complete example! Original pestle with the same markings as the mortar. This example is the antique 15th century second one out of my own 17th Century collection. Sigmaringen Castle started secretly 507) A GERMAN KLAUSEN PAVISE CIRCA 1450: Hidden for over 500 years the majority of the pavises from this group were discovered in the small town of Klausen, in the South Tyrol. Cole antique 15th century Italienne. The washers under the rivets that secure the hinges for the cheek defenses may have been added as a working life repair. 100% homogeneous antique 15th century with black paint refreshed. Contact 109) Homogeneous Closed Helmet Circa 1550 with original black finish! There are only so many and most have been found already. A great addition to any collection Length 15. Diameter: 58mm. 4cm Length: 12. Very simply put, if you step on one you will have a spike embedded in the bottom of your foot. 688) German Silver And Gilded Chalice Cup Circa 1620: Highly decorated with open work cup depicting putti, putti heads, scroll work rising on a brass shaped base decorated with Ecclesiastical imagery, Dimensions 9″h x 5″dia. Many similar example are seen through out the finer museums in Europe. Wonderful 16th Century – early 17th Centura piece. By Paul Louis Victor de Giafferri. 531) LARGE 14TH CENTURY GERMAN JUG: Traces of Formal Luxury Antique King 5 original green glazing still intact. This very large example at 25cm it has survived in very good condition and can be the center piece of any Medieval Renaissance collection. 619) POST GOTHIC MORNINGSTAR FLAIL: Referred to in Spain as a “Mangual or “Lucero del Alba”. Please inquire for complete details. Madeleine of France (1443 1495) antique 15th century Prince, Squire and servant in the fifteenth century. Some of these keys, forged of bronze and iron, not only fit the lock but resembled the architecture of the doors they fit into. 14th antique 15th century Century England Middle Ages Military Nobility PlantagenetHenry Shaw Knighthood Medieval costume Military order English and French burgundy fashion in the 15th Century. Morion 3 6. A Rapier or as it antique 15th century is known in Spain “Espada Ropera” (sword to be worn with clothes) refers to a type of slender, sharply pointed sword designed for thrusting ,cutting and slashing attacks. Likely antique 15th century used on a massive iron strong box, maybe for a sea voyage or other journey, has signs of use. Was antique 15th century at one time on a very good composite Gothic suit. Ideal for any collection of Renaissance items or a person looking for an exceptional conversation piece. It has a unique and distinctive s-shaped guard. 551) Important Scottish Ribbon Hilt Broadsword Circa 1650-90: Also Known As Beak Nose. Diameter of the stone 8 x 9 inches, chain 37 inches. Made of gilt and copper, the sides and the arched cover chased and pierced with acanthus leaves, applied at the top with a hinged handle, the inside lined in red fabric.

Very good original condition antique 15th century with very little conservation. You won’t find a Antique Mahogany Secretaire better one. Probably made for a high ranking officer or very wealthy individual. Recently releathered (needs to be done every hundred years). 311) antique 15th century RARE GIANT 11 INCH GOTHIC CASTLE OR CHURCH DOOR: Rare item. Not a ground find. 683) EXCEPTIONALLY RARE AND EARLY SWISS 2 antique 15th century HAND SABRE CIRCA 1520-40: The only one I have had on offer in 35 years. Act now won’t last long.

555) 17TH CENTURY GERMAN WAR antique 15th century ARMADA CHEST STRONGBOX COFFER: Works as well as the day it was made. 611) RARE AUSTRIAN SWORD ESTOC CIRCA 1560: From the Gratz armory in Styria. 316) 16TH antique 15th century CENTURY GILDED BRASS COLLECTION PLATE with an embossed Madonna and child. Absolutely the best of the best. 15th century. Found in the Ukraine. It had been sold in the past as a period suit. Near identical examples are found antique 15th century in arsenals throughout western Europe. Consisting of along tapering spike extending to its socket. Owner Says Sell! 6cm; 16in high. Metalwork of this kind historically is associated with Germany or the Netherlands of the second half of the 17th century. L beck patrician woman end of the 15th century German nobleman in 1480 Margaret Princess of Wales antique 15th century 1456-1485, Joice, Lady Tiptolt, 1460. Museum quality, probably French. Burgundy nobleman 15th century. Museum quality piece. 62 x 64 cm. Sold at Wilton House in the Sotheby’s sale of 1923. Provenance, Savoy Art & Auction Galleries, Lot #281 Sale #814, Important Italian and Spanish Gothic and Renaissance Art, April 27th and 28th, 1962. 461) A MUSEUM QUALITY 1700s FRENCH LIMOGES INCENSE BURNER: Composed with angels surrounding an oval with the baptism richly decorated with volutes and ornaments, on the underside a round basin, copper enameled and painted, partly gilded, on a later blue velvet panel. Original pestle. 459) LARGE FRENCH GOTHIC PIETA CIRCA 1500: Very antique 15th century elegant and expressive pieta carved from wood. 572) antique 15th century BEAUTIFUL SMALL NUREMBERG ARMADA CHEST CIRCA 1650: Original untouched condition. 608) RARE GERMAN CIRCA 1600 WHEEL LOCK AXE: Extensively decorated, museum quality. Calling them Flesh Posts. Bourgeois of Paris and her maid. 721) Antique Style Concave Inverted Front VIKING HELMET FROM GRAVE CIRCA 10TH CENTURY: This Viking era helmet was found in Central Europe at the turn of the century. 484) MUSEUM QUALITY MASSIVE JOUSTING LANCE REST FOR A BREASTPLATE CIRCA 16TH CENTURY:Jousting was the sport of Kings, Knights and the very wealthy. 479) EXCEPTIONAL MUSEUM QUALITY FRENCH MORTAR CIRCA 1600: They don’t antique 15th century come any nicer or more elegant than this mint condition museum quality mortar. L l l l l Copyright 2018 Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps & Books. The back breach wall is 2 inches from the touch point to the bottom. At the same time developed antique 15th century in Italy the fashion of the Renaissance. In very good antique 15th century condition and engraved. It is said that owning a jousting antique 15th century suit with garnitures was the equivalent in today’s dollars of owning a 747 jet. 733) MASSIVE NORTH EUROPEAN BASKET-HILTED BROADSWOR CIRCA 1580: Exceptionally large antique 15th century tessak (korbschwert). Only one I have had in 35 years. Can still be used a antique 15th century a weather vain but should be conserved as an antique. Many are sold before we have a chance to list them. Approximately antique 15th century weight 22lbs. 636) Decorated Austrian Calvary Sword Circa 1600-1630: Double-edged blade, both antique 15th century sides with deep fuller (blood grove), blade etched with war trophies and wicker work, Latin inscription “Pro Deo Et Patria For God And Country. You will probably never have the opportunity to own such a rare piece at a antique 15th century very reasonable price. If you want a very good one this is it. French Fashion antique 15th century 1380-1461 German Nobility in 1450. Extensive collection of rare illustrations & images.

Full basket grip with the highland method of welding together iron antique 15th century strips thus the Ribbon hilt full basket designed guard.

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