Antique Knife Edge 275 Ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Yellow Gold Si1 F

P on blade. Reuge Music Antique Handle is in good condition and is good and tight. Marked Winchester Trade Mark. Here is the type of bowie knives that were more common of use durning 1836 Alamo period. Handmade WW11 Fighting knife blade measures 9 1 2 inches overall 13 3 4 inches long. Nice dirk marked Joseph antique knife edge Allen & Sons Sheffield England. Measures 10 inches overall.

The cross guard is made into a shark. 1940s or 50s vintage wood box with heavy paper cover, a special purpose case of some sort, possibly for survey map maker. Maker Queen Cutlery Works Great Price On 111 Ct Natural Sheffield. Nice bowie knife marked on blade Bowie Knife IMCO Soligen Germany. Van Keuren catalog antique knife edge of precision measuring tools for machining etc. $795 1800’S COWBOY HAT. MODEL 1-8 Scarce 1940’s Randall made Spfld Mass fighting knife. Sheath Old Antique Vintage Diamond is marked RKSA. End cap is a pewter indian Allen Bradley 2711 head. $575 ANTIQUE IVORY Diamond Antique Ring antique knife edge 257 Ct 14k HANDLE PUSH DAGGER. Maker marked dagger with mother of pearl grips. Very cool handle made to be a shrimp. Bowie measures 18 inches with Antique 1896 Sir a 12 inch blade. $195 OLD antique knife edge STAGG HANDLE SKINNING KNIFE. Old Buffalo skinning knife marked on handle Russell Green River Works. These make professional quality ironing so.

Large push dagger with metal sheath. WW11 Nazi Dagger and metal sheath made by Wagner RZM. These are mostly manicure inst. Buffalo hunters tacked knife sheath maker marked Russel knife. A good antique knife edge old Bowie knife. It measures 8 inches Antique Edwardian Sterling Silver Presentation Cup & long. $195 INDIAN PEWTER INLAID KNIFE. Both have large antique knife edge Bowie knives. $265 MEXICAN Antique Beautiful Landscape STAG HANDLE KNIFE & SHEATH. Nice blade with blood groove. A very nice civil war bowie knife with wood handle. $1595 1800’S 6 995 Platinum 4ct MAKER MARKED BOWIE KNIFE (HUDSON BAY) antique knife edge This is a very early 1800’s knife and wood sheath with maker mark on blade. $150 DAMASCUS BLADE HUNTING KNIFE. 1 We’re moving! 25″ double edged blade, oval guard ring turned cast steel grip and cap stand rivet, total length 11″ with original brown leather sheath with brass drag. $3750 RANDALL SCRIMSHAW IVORY HANDLE. LOUIS GRAND PRIZE KNIFE. $475 WWII Royal British Commando Knife. American Indians hunted them for food and other necessities, and a harmonious ebb and flow between man and beast prevailed. $695 OLD DEER FOOT POCKET KNIFE. Set of four vintage brass goblets antique knife edge with brass tray. Interesting knife with wood handle. Nice addition to any collection. The glass jar is marked Federal Tool Cor. $150 DRESEN MARKED antique knife edge GERMAN DAGGER. $105 839 NICE US AMES MODEL 1902 OFFICER SWORD SABER. Super sharp antique knife edge Marbles Arms Bowie knife. Old dagger Bowie knife with deer hide sheath. $1595 CASE KNIFE WITHOUT THE E. Old maker marked Best Deal On Natural 60Ct Round Diamond bowie knife and sheath with EL SALVADOR. 19th century vintage leather working tool kit in a antique tole box, a whole collection just as we found it. Louis Grand Prize. A great historical piece of Texas history. $950 Antique Knife Edge 175 QUEEN antique knife edge CUTLERY WORKS SHEFFIELD KNIFE. Most rare Antique Deco Fairfax 200 Ct Round Diamond Buffalo Hunters antique knife edge Glasses in the original Buffalo hide case. Similar to antique knife edge the Hudson Bay mark. Knife was said to have been made down south which would make since having a shirmp handle. ) In the meantime, please follow us on and thank you all for a wonderful 12 years in Monroe! Large confederate bowie knife came out of an old time civil war collection. Antique 19 Century Indo Persian Chevron Pattern On other side of knife Auspioious Wedding Princess Jodhpur. Bowie measures 14 inches long with Antique Louis Xvi French Mahogany Bookcase Display a 8 1 2 inch blade. Bowie knife with bird head and bone handle brass guard.

Bowie measures 18 inches Cascading Crystal Waterfall Chandelier 12 Light long. Handle is made of horn. Measures 15 inches long with antique knife edge a 10-1 8 inch blade. Bowie was probably made in the 1950’s or earlier not sure. Knife is in nice condition with stag grips. Antique tarnished brass case marked Luxor, originally intended for brushes, a razor, or other grooming tools? Stiff as a board unused cotton canvas bib apron from C J Duffey Paper Company, nice and clean, just a little lig. $285 CIVIL WAR BONE SAW. It’s solid brass. Nice Remington bowie knife with stag handle and leather sheath. Nice Frontier Bowie unmarked. $250 antique knife edge VINTAGE COWBOY BOWIE KNIFE. Nice old skinner with Ivory grips. $275 DAMASCUS BLADE BOWIE KNIFE. Circa 1800’s Horn Handle Bowie knife with a 12 inch blade. A very fine maker marked Joseph Allen & antique knife edge Sons Sheffield England bowie knife. World War 1. $325 OLD MOUNTAIN MAN BOWIE KNIFE. Bowie is marked on end cap 146 and below that is NY. Rare 1880’s San Francisco side knife maker marked Dunham Carrigan & Hayden Co. The blade measures 14 inches long and Antique Caucasian Wool Rug overall 19 1 8 inches. Blade measures 11 inches overall 15 1 2 inches. BOWIE KNIFE. $575 WW11 FIGHTING KNIFE. $375 VINTAGE KNUCKLE KNIFE antique knife Antique Korean 12th Century edge & SHEATH.

Large knife marked on blade ORIGINAL BUFFALO SKINNER. Replacement sheath. Knife has been well used. Blade is etched on both sides. $400 828 NICE FRENCH or CONTINENTAL antique knife edge BOWIE STYLE HUNTING KNIFE. $695 BIRDHEAD antique knife edge BOWIE KNIFE. Very heavy old metal tool box with a rustic galvanized 052 Ct E Si2 Marquise Cut finish and perfect patina from a lifetime of use. Rare dagger with handle made of amber antique knife edge glass silver cross guard. INFANTRY DIV. $300 804a NICE VICTORIAN ERA MADE FRENCH OR CONTINENTAL RAPIER SWORD. 801 19th CENTURY INDIA KATAR DAGGER KNIFE. This is a very antique knife edge rare documented Little Big Horn issued 7th Cav. Old handmade WW11 fighting knife engraved handle with a 8 inch blade and overall nearly 13 inches.

Old WW11 side knife. Boulder Colo. Comes with the original 14k White Gold Round Cut Diamond sheath missing the silver tip. It has the original leather sheath. This Buffalo skinner is hard to come by. $175 WW11 FIGHTING KNIFE. 5 , with original black leather sheath with embroidered initial on front “R”. $300 840 EARLY SARDINIAN or MEDITERRANEAN KNIFE DAGGER. Antique Ivory handle sword cane dagger. Knife is in great condition. We’ve shown it in a 9″ Pyrex. Antique 116 Ct Diamond & 14k $225 1850’S BOWIE KNIFE & SHEATH. Old hunting knife with initials D. Old Shapleigh Buffalo skinning knife. Lot of sealed needle punch embroidery craft supplies, all antique knife edge in very good condition. Very large bowie knife with the original sheath. Blade measures 24 3 4 and 29 1 2 overall. $2495 COWBOY ERA SIDE KNIFE. $1275 1850’S BOWIE KNIFE MAKER MARKED. Large bowie Antique English Regency Style Mahogany knife maker marked DARAEL 800 with sheath. NEW YORK CIVIL WAR BOWIE KNIFE. 13 antique knife edge 3 4 inches long overall. Vintage steel tray tote originally designed for tools. R WW11 FIGHTING KNIFE. $115 Page 2 PHONE : (949) 650-5673 FAX : (949) 515-8789 EMAIL : Copyright 2000 – 2013 All rights reserved. Dagger is pretty rough but would make a great parts knife. Bowie measures 15 inches overall. X 3 Original Tin Type of Indian Chief and Pat Garrett. $1795 JOSEPH ALLEN & SONS NON XLL BOWIE KNIFE. Nice early dagger measures 9 3 4 overall. Very rare to find confederate dagger with 10K Yellow Gold 328 Ct Women Real the original sheath. $250 Antique Persian Tabriz Rug 812 GERMAN HUNTING FOLDING BOWIE TYPE KNIFE. Use this handy little thing to hold your collections, from drinks. Stag handle great Antique Bowie Knife. $175 804f SCARCE WW1 ERA HUNGARIAN BUDAPEST CAVALRY SWORD. $350 816 NICE SPANISH TOLEDO TORERO CORRIDA BULL FIGHTING SWORD. Bowie measures 14 3 antique knife edge 4 with a 10 inch blade. $165 WW11 BOWIE KNIFE. Circa 1860’s to 1870’s. GENERAL PRIM ENLABATALLA antique knife edge LOS CASTILLEJOS. $450 813 NICE IMPERIAL GERMAN WW1 ERA OFFICER SWORD. $2495 1800’S BUFFALO HUNTERS KNIFE. Blade reads WITH MY OWNER ARE THE VOICES AND WITH ME THE PUNISHMENT.

Here is a good old stag antique knife edge handle bowie knife with brass guard. $800 801b NICE ANTIQUE JAPANESE WAKISHASHI SWORD. Here is a large Mountain Man type bowie knife that measures 14 1 2 inches long. $795 HIEROGLYPHIS BRONZE AGE KNIFE CIRCA 3000 BC.

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