Antique Victorian Gold Enamel Diamond Novelty Locket Pendant

1900 Brillant Cut Glass Bowls c. The brooch is marked sterling.

The chain measures 7 inches by just over 1 2 inch and is marked sterling and a maker’s mark that is worn and hard to read. There looks to be a light gold wash around the edges. The back is hallmarked Birmingham, sterling ,what looks antique victorian gold to be the letter k for 1884, and the maker’s marks MJG. The locket has one metal rim and antique victorian gold plastic insert and what looks to be the original photo. One block has 5 sets of initials all ending in M. Marked 900 on the swivel hook. This brooch was antique victorian gold done in the Shiebler style Anniversary Diamond Ring Round Cut 060 and measures a large 3 1 8ths inches by 2 1 8ths inches. The dragon part of the stickpin measures just under 5 8ths of an inch by 7 16ths of an inch with the pin section measuring 2 1 4 inches. Order # 1103 Price $175 European Victorian 800 Silver Muff Chain and Slide This fun muff watch chain features a garnet jeweled slide and is European 10K White Gold Ladies Round (most likely German or Austrian) in origin. Push button on handle to open. The brooch pendant is marked 14k and a maker’s mark that looks like the letter “S” inside the letter “C”. The photo makes the stones appear much darker than they are. The back has very slight wear. A 1 4 inch hand applied wine silk binding finishes the edge. The chain is in very good condition with light wear. The screw back fittings are in good working order. Back Open Order antique victorian gold # 1990 Price $250 Antique Dream Large Vermeil Locket This is the beautiful and very hard to find large sterling Love’s Dream locket. Order # 549 Price $175 Victorian Bohemian Rose Cut Garnet Berry Brooch This unusual motif is late Victorian or early Edwardian in style. Vermeil with undecipherable silver hallmarks. The pendant measures just over 1 1 4 inches by 7 8ths of an inch. The buckle is in very good condition.

Back Order # 1117 Price $595 Edwardian Turquoise Pearl Vermeil Choker This lovely Edwardian period necklace features cabochon turquoise in a scalloped setting with freshwater pearl accents on the vermeil chain. The antique victorian gold bracelet is marked 10k the letter “F” and an undecipherable 31×148 Antique Persian Serab Camel hallmark. This brooch is featured in “Art Nouveau Jewelry” by Vivienne Becker on page 192 (plate 299). Top part of pin measures just under 1 2 of an inch and the pin section measures 2 Antique Painted 10 Foot French Farmhouse 1 2 inches. The brooch measures 1 inch in diameter and is marked L&A (Link and Angell) and sterling. The brooch antique victorian gold has it’s original clasp and is in very good condition. Lovely circle of cherubs design with Chester hallmarks and 1903 letter year date. The brooch is marked F. The Art Nouveau Louis Comfort Tiffany Gold Favrile backing is a very fine olive green wool challis with darker green specks that has a russet shimmer in the light. Some minor discoloration in white pastes which is consistent with the age of the pendant. Order # 230 SOLD Victorian Fortune Teller Sterling Collar Cuff Buttons These most unusual Victorian collar cuff buttons feature a black fortune teller reading a hand. Back Whole Necklace Order # 1612 Price $795 Edwardian Citrine Seed Pearl Gold Necklace This amazing Edwardian necklace features faceted graduated citrines on a hand knotted seed pearl “chain”. Original “C” clasp an is antique victorian gold marked sterling. There is a very small ding on the front and another medium size ding on the back. The lorgnette measures 4 3 4 inches by 1 1 4 inches antique victorian gold and is marked sterling. Order # 503 Price $125 Shiebler Homeric Medallion Sterling Bracelet This classic Shiebler bracelet features the medallion pattern for which the George W. Condition is Antique Vintage Colombian Green 1920 S Antique Double Sided Shoe good with light surface wear. The enamel is in excellent condition with very antique victorian gold light surface wear. Order # 1031 Price $100 Victorian Turquoise Floral Medium Sterling Locket This lovely Victorian locket features a flower with a turquoise center on one part of the heart and the other half of the heart is designed with a lovely floral embossed pattern.

Overall condition is excellent antique victorian gold with no damage or repairs. This bracelet will fit a small to medium wrist. The locket measures a large 1 3 4 inches in diameter, not including the loop and bail. The locket Antique Caucasian Shirvan Kuba has one plastic insert and is in good antique victorian gold working order. One of the tokens is enameled in blue with a flower and a pattern and another features a flower with two butterflies. The antique victorian gold stickpin measures 5 8ths of an inch in diameter and the pin section measures 2 1 8ths inches and is marked 14k. Barnum’s Circus is closing after 140 years, making this quilt that includes Jumbo even more collectable. The back is not engraved and has a few very small areas of antique victorian gold surface wear. The locket is not marked (not unusual for this period) and is guaranteed to be 14k. The brooch is solid silver and is antique victorian gold marked sterling, the Gorham hallmarks, B1401, copyrighted 1907. Good size, with the festoon section measuring 5 inches by 3 1 4 inches with the chain measuring just under 18 inches. Measures 1 1 2 inches by 3 4ths of an inch.

Back Marks Order # 2308 SOLD Art Nouveau Poppy 10k Fob Pendant This fun Art Nouveau fob pendant features two poppy flowers in bloom. ) enameled, WWP (? There are a couple of very small areas of slight discoloration that can only be seen with antique victorian gold a loupe. The locket measures 2 1 2 inches by 2 1 8ths inches and is in good working order. The bracelet pulls open and will easily fit a medium to large wrist. , 830S and has it’s original “C” clasp. The back is as detailed as the English Victorian Chinoiserie front with the festoon section measures just under 6 inches by 1 3 4 inches. Order # 921 Price $225 F&B Victorian Dragon Sterling Buckle Set The fun Victorian era piece features a dragon swirling around a blue glass accent. Professionally hand washed by Betsey. The brooch measures 1 3 4 inches by 7 8ths of an inch and has it’s original “C” clasp. The pendant is unmarked and this is not unusual for these pieces. The pin section measures 1 7 8ths inches and is marked sterling. I have a similar piece that was made by the French firm of Savard and this was most likely made by a competitor. The locket measures a large antique victorian gold 2 5 8ths inches by 1 5 8ths inches. The light wear is more noticeable in the photo than to the normal eye. Philadelphia). The brooch measures just under 1 1 4 inches by 1 inch and is marked 14k and Whiteside and Blank. Original “C” clasp and enamel is in excellent Antique Victorian Scottish Sterling Silver good condition. Order # 1196 Price $250 Arts and Crafts Jugendstil Chrysoprase and MOP Silver Pendant This Arts and Crafts period piece circa 1900-1915 features a cabochon chrysoprase accented with mother of pearl and a leaf motif.

This can easily be made into a working buckle or converted into a stunning necklace. This brooch was most likely antique victorian gold made by the Blackinton Co. Necklace is marked BH 925S for Bernhard Hertz and has a gold wash and unusual period clasp. Made by Whiteside and Blank and marked 14k. One cufflink has more brown tones than Antique Knife Edge 175 Ct the other. Measures just under 1 2 inch antique victorian gold by 3 8ths of an inch and the pin measures 2 3 8ths inches. The piece antique victorian gold has a gold wash over a metal that could be either silver or a base metal as I have not had this tested. The cufflinks are made with three colors of gold and are unmarked (not unusual for this period) and the tops are guaranteed to be at least 10k. Several of the citrines have light wear on the edges that is only visible with a loupe. Crazy quilting allowed women to display their artistic abilities in needlework, oil painting, Amazing Antique 17th C French Castle Carved and Antique Russian Silver 84 Enamel arrangement of embellishments. The back of the drop section is marked sterling. Back Order # 1265 Price $395 Edwardian Citrine Sterling Necklace Striking Edwardian citrine necklace set festoon style with silver chain. I have seen many porcelain lady pieces and this has to be one of the loveliest I have seen. Condition is very good with light wear and one Antique Chinese Emperor very small chip on one of the facets of the larger topaz paste. Overall condition is good for this wonderful period locket. Earrings measure antique victorian gold 1 2 inch by 1 2 inch (not including wire). Clasp is in good working order and the bracelet and stones are in excellent condition. The pattern and the engraved antique victorian gold initials are the same on both sides. This buckle is very much in the style of Kerr. The pin section has a few slight areas of wear and antique victorian gold a small 100 14K White Gold White bend. This antique victorian gold piece can 125 Carat G H easily be worn as a locket. Order # 314 Price $125 Edwardian antique victorian gold Paste Brooch Elaborate paste flowers accent this elegant silver brooch. Order # 1607 RESERVED Kerr Demon Lion Vermeil Buckle Set This striking Victorian buckle features the Kerr Demon Lion (depending on your interpretation). 5 cm) Chester County, PA $1,900 A vibrant Crazy Quilt in Antique Leather 1908 20 Vol Rudyard glorious rich hues of deep greens, multiple Asian Chinese Antique 1800s Elm shades of burgundy and wine, various blues from deep to vibrant, taupes, mustard and peach. The brooch measures 3 3 8ths inches by antique victorian gold 1 1 4 inches and is marked sterling. All fixtures can be finished in polished, antique or satin brass, polished or satin nickel, pewter, bronze, chrome or satin chrome, copper, hammered metal, and more. Our Customer Service page will have many answers to the most commonly asked questions antique victorian gold like Delivery Time, Electrical Wattage, Shipping, Product Particulars, and how to best coordinate your lighting. Order # 602 Price $125 Kerr Butterfly Lady Vermeil Brooch Watch Pin Lovely and hard to find Kerr watch pin featuring a butterfly lady. The brooch measures 2 inches by antique victorian gold 1 5 8 inches. The total length of the fob and chain is 6 3 8ths inches. These can still be used as suspender clips or made antique victorian gold into a wonderful pair of earrings by your jeweler. Name of antique victorian gold maker upon sale. The box is marked Kerr (hatchet) and sterling and the number 3. Rocky Mountain Quilts Shop Hours Rocky Mountain Quilts hours: OPEN YEAR ROUND! I can easily see this artistic quilt hung on a wall in your home or office. The back antique victorian gold has not been engraved. The locket is marked 10k. The embroidery embellishment surrounding the piece is also beautiful. The Gabriel Amp Co Two Tone flat cut garnets are set in the basket and the flowers are set with both rose and flat cut garnets. Back Order # 1858 Price $425 Enameled Dogwood Pearl 14k Brooch Fun period brooch features a dogwood enameled in a matte finish accented antique victorian gold with a pearl center. The pendant measures 1 7 8 inches by 1 antique victorian gold 1 4 inches. Contact Us: 130 antique victorian gold York St York, ME 03909 2016 Rocky Mountain Quilts. The locket is in good working order. Order # 294 Price $175 Art Nouveau Enameled Iris Stickpin Lovely enameled antique victorian gold stickpin featuring an elaborate nouveau design with and iris in a lovely lavender color. Comprised of mostly solid colored wools and wool challis there antique victorian gold are also some wonderful checks, plaids and textured solids adding movement to the design and interest for the eye. Q9083 Strip Pieced Cotton Crazy Quilt c. Order # 38 Price $175 Victorian Enameled Cherub Moonstone Cufflinks Unusual 10k gold cufflinks (unmarked, tested) with enameled cherubs accented by cabochon moonstones. The back is engraved antique victorian gold with initials (MAL). Back Order # 1326 Price $350 Kerr Cherub Sterling Buckle Set antique victorian gold This fun Kerr buckle set made in the popular cherub motif. NOTABLE CLIENTS CUSTOM OPTIONS For home lighting, business, museum, restaurant or movie set, learn more about our Custom Options to help you design the absolute perfectly coordinated lighting theme for your dining room, living room, study, bedroom, powder room, bathroom, kitchen, etc. There Antique Square Persian Sarouk Hamadan is light wear on the front of the antique victorian gold peacock on the left. The Antique Vintage Platinum back is marked with Unger brothers mark, 925 fine and sterling. The heart opens by 14K Yellow Gold 060Ct Tw Pear Shaped pulling on the top and does not need a key. The backing antique victorian gold on this quilt is a medium blue cotton twill. The locket is unmarked antique victorian gold and is guaranteed to be 18k gold. I have not antique victorian gold cleaned these fun earrings. Detail is incredible with clear transparent wings. The heart locket measures 1 3 4 inches by 1 5 8ths inches. The back has been beautifully engraved with initials that look to be “LF”. This lovely brooch also functions as a pendant and has a fold down bail. One the front are the bare remnants of what looks to have been a braided metal ring around antique victorian gold the outer rim of the locket that has been removed. The enamel is a bit worn and serves as an accent to the settings. Back Open Order # 708 SOLD Art Nouveau Lady and Lilies Vermeil Heart Locket This lovely Art Nouveau locket features a lady surrounded by lilies. The clasp Correspondence Cabinet Antique Brass has antique victorian gold been replaced with a safety clasp. The antique victorian gold chain is in very good condition. The bracelet measures 7 antique victorian gold 3 8hs inches by 1 4 of an inch (the center heart is 7 16ths of an inch wide). I have not had the stones checked, they could be amethyst pastes. This type of enameled cufflink is very hard to find. The buckle measures just over 3 1 2 inches by 2 inches and is marked sterling. The brooch measures just under 1 3 4 inches by 1 1 2 inches and is marked Kerr, antique victorian gold sterling, and # 1699.

The locket is marked with an undecipherable makers mark. The brooch measures just under 1 5 8ths inches by 5 8ths of antique victorian gold an inch. I have never seen an Art Nouveau cameo of this caliber. Marks Order # 2066 SOLD Unger Owl Large Sterling Brooch This stunning Victorian era brooch features and owl’s face with yellow and black glass eyes. The patterned side of the lock is in very good condition, but the back side has wear. “C” clasp has been replaced in period with a safety clasp. Order # 577 Price $95 Kerr Jester Large Sterling Chatelaine Brooch Interesting large Kerr sterling brooch with attachments on antique victorian gold back side Skull Ring Trendy Diamonds 14Kt White Gold to hang chatelaine pieces.

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