French Gilt Bronze Pair Of Seven Light Candelabrums Lion Heads Circa 1880s

Four-armed (8 points) cross. The model for the sculpture was Elsa Asenijeff, Max Klinger ‘s model and his long-standing unofficial companion. Enamels in perfect condition. 00 Medal of Windsor Chairs & French Country Merit for Volunteers of the Oriental Africa campaign 1935-1936. OND was the Italian Fascist leisure and recreational organization founded in 1925. Item # Ita-147. 20mm x 17mm. Unique four times life sze cast with foundry marks for The American Art Foundry New York. Variation with rounded sword to reverse. Item # Ita-76. Some damage directly above Mussollini’s head, due to obvious re-soldering of the pin. 00 Republic, Officer’s 16 year Military service award with gilt center (reverse). Item # Ita-152. Example in hallmarked (800 and Milan) silver, obviously an expensive privately purchased badge.

Item #Ita-168. Saw action in Battle of Tobruk. Item # Ita-220 SOLD SOLD Mussolini’s gratitude medal. Shows much wear, original ribbon. SOLD SOLD Artillery Gathering in Antique Dutch Old Master Decorative Oil Painting Fiume commemorative medal. Item # Ita-230 SOLD SOLD 1935-1936 (Africa Orientale) Eastern Africa 3rd Army Corps commemorative medal. ), manufactured in. Only 149 were manufactured, some with float landing gear. Reference: french A Pair Of Antique Bronze Sculpture gilt bronze Brambilla, page 512. Item french gilt bronze # Ita-50. Rare medal. Ribbon appears original. Appears to be bright bronze gilt. SOLD SOLD 1902 Medal of recognition for service to french gilt bronze the Royal House of Savoy, first type (Vittorio Emmanuel III). Caly (properly marked on the reverse). 00 Gioventu Italiana Littorio (Italian Fascist Youth) medal. Pagani, Milano. Cross is rimmed in delicate gold frame, knots of the Italian Royal House of Savoi between arms. Faint Silver punch French Legras Art Deco Nouveau Vase ‘800’ to the suspension eye. It is definitely not 1956 revision (Brambilla # 869) as reverse was slightly different in those (inscription and foliage). Item # Ita-176. Fine Antique C1910 French Ormolu Birdcage Ita: Medaglia Commemorativa Della Spedizione in Albania. Designer’s name is present (hard to read), manufacturer’s mark ‘VAF’. Prima Armata – Croci Commemorative).

Inscription (Valore Militare) along with ribbon colour differentiate this type from the previous one. Shielded soldier in a heroic pose looking onto barbed wire fortifications; eagle and inscription to reverse. Contemporary issue, original ribbon. Would certainly please advanced collector. Body in silver, badge in gilt french gilt bronze (perhaps even gold). Current still awarded for voluntary hospital work while attending the french gilt bronze medical academy. Item french gilt bronze # Ita-133. It is a first time we have seen this medal in the french gilt bronze silver grade. Later on it was torpedoed by HMS Utmost (British ship) and finally sunk in Louis Xv Style Gilt Bronze & Cut 1943 after being bombed by American B-24’s Antique Victorian French 18k in Sardinia. Entirely different crown, much more robust. Rare maker for this medal (S. Rarely seen medal. Medal in very good condition. GIL was the Fascist Youth movement (similar to Hitler Youth Pre 1900 Antique French in Germany). Marked “Ripr. SOLD SOLD 1915 Italian-French cooperation medal. Item # Ita-95. Dimensions:Total height 13&1 2 (includes 1 &1 2 inch marble base) by 10&1 4 in length Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet,(Belgian 1880-1940) “Theban Dancer” Silvered and gold polychrome on bronze ,with an inset bronze plaque of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Royal Arms of Savoi beneath. Higher grade of the award (to commanding Antique 19th Century Danish french gilt bronze officers) – 50mm in diameter. Superb design (by. On original ribbon (some staining). Item A Chinese Antique Gilt # Ita-370 (58) $58. Medal in Antique 14k Gold bronze, enamelled regimental colours.

Crisp detail. Item # Ita-238 SOLD SOLD War Merit Valour Crosses (all periods) Croci al merito di guerra, croci al valore french gilt bronze di guerra. Obverse portraying various soldiers preceeded by Victory. Good detail. Striking design, french gilt Antique Platinum &18 K Yellow Diamond & bronze very interesting. Antique Bronze & Marble Bust Sculpture Of Display mounted on original ribbon. Vittorio Emanuelle III to obverse, laurel wreath and writing french gilt bronze to reverse. Medal in bronze by: ‘S. This force was replaced by the State Police in 1981. Corps evolved and grew substantially by 1906, official military courses started by 1908. Item # Ita-402 SOLD SOLD WW1, 7th Alpini Regiment, Artillery (2nd) Battalion Officer’s Antique French Jacob Petit Painted Porcelain Ink version commemorative medal. First issue of the medal by: L. Medal french gilt bronze by: ‘Alberti’. Great condition. The French Design Hand Allies had promised Italy this town back in 1915 if they joined their ranks. “Into the mouth of the wolf” is an Italian idiom, a way of wishing someone courage and luck. Details are very good, especially the branches, Royal Arms and the star Monumental Bronze Figure Of Guanyin atop. Saponaro, french gilt bronze M.

SOLD french gilt bronze SOLD Unity medal 1848-1918 type “C” (Brambilla). Item french gilt bronze # Ita-148. Excellent condition. Obverse depicts soldier Antique Chinese Ming Emperor Xuande Lotus Pattern bearing Italian flag against a local background, inscribed “Libia 1911-12”. Ref: Brambilla page 549, type “B”. Item # Ita-37. Maurice & Lazarus, Order of Savoy, Order of Antique Diamond Edwardian the Crown, Roman eagle, St. Ref: Brambilla page 783, type “B”. Bronze french gilt bronze medal by A. Item # Ita-244 SOLD SOLD Distinction of honour for theMutilated in War (Distintivo D’onore Per I Mutilati Durante french gilt bronze Le Precedenti Campagne Di Guerra). Item # Ita-350 SOLD SOLD 18 Infantry Regiment Bicentennial medal 1703-1903. Original silk rayon ribbon. Not as frequently awarded as crosses for the Great War. About 35mm in diameter (irregularly shaped). 1918 type, later issue. ” french gilt 1890 Century Meiji Period bronze Very unusual. It would be difficult to locate a better example. Also, silvered medals for the officers are in existance but are very rare. Reverse with combined symbols of the Spain (yoke and arrows), Germany (swastika) and Italy (fascia). Thick suspension type. Excellent design, unmarked (proper for these awards). Showing age and wear, but no damage. Details of the medal are very good. Showing wear.

Original (sealed) rings and (remarkable! Originally, medals had dark patina which in turn was changed to lighter gilding. Complete with ribbon – appears original. SOLD SOLD 1918 War Merit Cross. ‘, reverse with unknown symbols. Alberti, operating out of Milano. Few light scratches on reverse. Artistici, Fiorentini. Scarce medal, white metal – 32. Most interesting and rarely seen.

Item # Ita-170. Picchiani Barlacchi Firenze’. Factories of Isotta Fraschini in Milan was one of main engine suppliers for Antique French Gothic Arm Chairs the Reggia Aeronautica and Italian Aviation services. Sacchini, Milano’. SOLD SOLD Same as above except much earlier example of the award. 62mm x 53mm. Item # Ita-96. SOLD SOLD WWII Russian Front commemorative badge. Exactly as shown in Brambilla, p. SOLD SOLD Opera Balilla, commemorative badge for Set Of 8 Antique Chinese the 7th annual (1935) Youth gathering at the Campo Dux stadium, in the 13th year (“A. Alero Slr Aluminum 19 Fastening screw post turn into threaded body of the star. As pictured in Brambilla Fossati’s book (GUS-02 A, page 30). 00 french gilt bronze WW1 Cross for the First Army (Ita. Rare original. Please note that many insignia that are commonly traded are reproductions or newly made. Item # Ita-320 SOLD NS SOLD 1915-1918 Badge for wounded and mutilated in War. Item # Ita-322 (65) $65. Dynamic boating design french gilt bronze to obverse. 20mm x 15mm. Original, bronze medal (there french gilt bronze are many recently made copies) and ribbon. Further changes to french gilt bronze criteria of the awarding occurred in 1918, 1919, 1920 and 1942. SOLD SOLD 1919 Fiume ‘Expedition’ commemorative medal. Very good details, appears to be silver. This is the harder to find type with M. Brambilla, page 805, type “B”. Quality manufacturing by S. 00 Commemorative medal for 50th anniversary (1918-1968) of return of cities of Trento and Trieste french gilt bronze to Italy. Bronze, light wear. This Set Of Tiffany is french gilt bronze possibly the most common type of the medal. Item # Ita-136. Anonymous manufacture. Model with no designer or maker marked. Nice and original ribbon. Madri E Vedove Dei Gaduti’ laurel branches around to reverse. Item #Ita-145. Usual, great design with the African continent in high relief and the french gilt bronze battle scene.

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