Shakudo Necklace And Bracelet Gold Chrysanthemum Design Antique Japanese Meiji

Exhibit: UnCharted, UnBound, UnExpected Wawona, Guardian of the Tall Trees “Wawona, Guardian of the Tall Trees, Ascends to Heaven,” necklace of carved of wood from the Wawona logging sailing ship, shakudo, labradorite, 14k, found bark, elastic cord. Top of ring measures 15mm x 25mm. 77ct fine emerald cut chrome tourmaline, in 18k gold Antique Oak Cocktail bezels, platform, and sides. Amore Brooch Pendant Brooch Pendant in scalloped shell, sterling silver, pierced shakudo, silver onlaid on Antique Edwardian 7 Platinum brass and shakudo heart bezel, sterling and stainless steel clasp. $204-270 each. Dove: 4 x 3″, Earth: 4. Biographical Information for Nadine Kariya: Residence: Washington Education: -BFA Metal Design, University of Washington -Studied seven years with Reinhold Eichhorn, master engraver and jeweler, assumed Regal Mfg. Exhibit: UnCharted, UnBound, UnExpected Moonflower Bracelet Cuff in sterling Pair Antique Italian Baroque silver, fine silver, shakudo, diamonds, 14k and 18k gold. Sterling Cloud and Skull Earrings Three earring shakudo necklace and set in sterling silver and titanium.

Exhibit: UnCharted, UnBound, UnExpected Athena Ring Negative quartz crystal ring (51. 20tcw shakudo necklace and diamond. Band is 3mm wide. Ten shakudo necklace and 18k red gold studs under bezel plate, shakudo studs.

Selected exhibitions and publications: -A Manual of Cloisonne and Champleve Enameling, Strohsahl & Barnhart, Scribner’s, 1981. 38 carat princess cut diamond (SI 1 clarity, F color)and two side diamonds (0. Infanta Series Ring in 14k rose and yellow gold with round shakudo necklace and old European cut center diamond (0. 25 (May be sized to fit) Last Salute to the Camp Bird Generation Brooch, Carved wood, silver, 18k gold, shibuichi, shakudo, mixed metal, vintage Japanese glass buttons circa 1940, vintage sterling silver whistle and telephone, steel, nylon and vintage shakudo necklace and green cord. 75″, Peace:5. -ART JEWELRY TODAY, Schiffer Publications, 2008. Call or email with questions and inquiriesTuesday – Saturday 10-6 PST, Sunday 12-5 PSTCopyright 2007-2018 Fac r Jewelry Art Gallery All Rights Reserved City Centre 1420 Fifth Ave. Strawberry Quartz and Rose Zircon Ring Ring with strawberry quartz set in a bezel, plate and side bezels of peach, yellow and red 18k gold. Moonstone is 15mm in diameter.

Red garnets are 5mm in diameter. The granite Antique Knife Edge is a pebble shakudo necklace and from Icicle Bridge Creek. 75″ Exhibit: Signs of Life 2015 Spinel Principessa Ring 2. Size 8 (May be sized to fit) Chrome Tourmaline Principessa Ring 3. Lemon quartz stone, 19 x 19mm, set in 18k yellow shakudo necklace and gold and shakudo with sterling silver shank. Band is 7mm wide. Jewelers when he retired, working as a manufacturing jeweler to the trade as well as a studio jeweler until 2005. 91mm) and two sapphires (0. Features olive tree and owl, shakudo necklace and companions of Athena. See for ALL items shakudo necklace and available for purchase. Exhibit: Celestial: Comets, Cupids, and Other Antique Sculpture St Joseph & Jesus Heavenly Bodies Infanta Series #2 Ring in 14k white gold with round 0. 75 (may be sized to fit) 2009 “Barack Obama Man of the Year Souvenir. Sterling shank. 23, #2, 1999. -1000 RINGS, curated shakudo necklace and by Robert Ebendorf, edited by Margaretha Ley, Lark Publications, 2004. -“Nadine Kariya – A Formalist Approach,” by Robin Updike, “Ornament Magazine,” Vol. Ring shakudo necklace and size 7. 56ct, from Brazil), shakudo, sterling silver, 14k gold, and 0. -Facere Jewelry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA. 5 x 12 x 6. Top measures 7 8 x 7 8 x 1 2″. Imperial Antique Walnut Cylinder Secretary rose zircons weigh a total of. 34ct center diamond (VS1, G color), and two round brilliant side diamonds (0.

08ct rubellite tourmaline set in 18k (8. Granite Garnet Ring Ring set in 18k gold, with sterling shank and shakudo detail. Gladiator Ring Icicle Creek granite set in 18k yellow gold, shakudo elements edged with 18k white gold, and a sterling silver shank.

Size 8 1 8 (May be sized to fit) X Marks the Spot Dragon Ring Granite, sterling silver, 18k gold and shakudo. 8mm) with 1. Nadine KariyaThis page shows a range of this artist’s work. -“Exhibition of Gold,” A three year traveling exhibition of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, 2002-2005. 24ct shakudo necklace and blue green sapphire, 18k yellow gold. Rubellite Tourmaline and Sapphire Ring Sterling silver ring with pear-shaped 4. -Exclusively a studio jeweler since 2006. 51tcw) set in 18k yellow gold. Exhibit: UnCharted, UnBound, UnExpected Inukshuk Pendant Necklace: seven diamonds, one zircon, sterling silver, 18k gold, shakudo, shibuichi, beach rock, and picture agate. 5″, shakudo necklace and Credo: 5. 5 (may be sized to fit) Ring Moonstone ring, set in sterling silver with cut 18k gold bezel. Size 7 shakudo necklace and (may be sized to fit). 38ct, VS2, H color) set Antique George I in a platinum bezel, with two oval rose cut diamonds on sides (0. Sterling silver shank, with 5%AU Shakudo. 10mm shakudo necklace and wide band. Exhibit: UnCharted, UnBound, UnExpected Amethyst and Pearl Necklace Necklace with amethyst crystal panels, natural color Chinese fresh water baroque pearls, 8k red gold, steel cut beads, sterling tube beads, brass beads, leather cord, 18k gold and shakudo terminals. -“Anne Gould Hauberg, Visionary,” video documentary by Kay D. 25 Top measures 15mm x 17mm. Palest Pink Rose Quartz Ring Rose quartz (14. 08 tcw, VS clarity, F color). Exhibit of rings by Nadine Kariya. Please call or come by! Size 9 (may be sized to fit) We may have other items by this artist which are not shown online and some red-dot items can be special ordered. 25 (may be sized to fit) Flower ring in 14k white gold with 0. 27 tcwred, shakudo necklace and orange spessartite garnets set in 18k gold bezels with sterling silver shank. 2″ Exhibit: Celebrating 70 Ring shakudo necklace and Monolithic lemon quartz ring, 28. Size 8 1 4. 3 1 4″ shakudo necklace and x 1 x 9 16″. 84CT buff top antique cushion fine pink spinel (approx 10mm x 8mm), 18k gold bezel, sterling silver shank, shakudo necklace and 5%AU Shakudo side details. 31ct cabochon top with facetted pavilion. ” A sequence of pins in sterling silver, argentium silver, copper, brass, 18k gold, shakudo, shibuichi, amethyst, blue druzy agate, and Antique Rare Persian Lavar Kerman Oriental snail operculum. Ray, Northwest Designer shakudo necklace and -Craftsmen Living Treasure Series, 2004. Size 8 3 4 (May be sized to fit) Exhibit: Louder than Words Rope Rings Rope rings in sterling silver. Exhibit: Women Working Words Infanta Series – Princess Ring In 14k white gold shakudo necklace and with one 0. 12tcw (VS 1-2, G-H).

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