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0 TFT monitor Sinumerik Handheld Terminal with minimal-front-plate A5015TFT127-01 15. 2-030-300-W1 Indramat TDM3. PLC-2500 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Niccolai Trafile SpA. 19603 15 001 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal EAE Control-Console-PC LEITSTAND-PC 01 Computer System Art. 5155 Power Supply Board Loetseite PCB Loetseite 20289500 IDNR 260 828 0 0 PCB Loetseite 3. 4K-UL Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. 3 kW Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Inverter SSD-601 015 400 F 00 UK Inverter SSD-601 022 400 F 00 UK 2. Pitney Bowes Limited Baum Flexifold Fully Automatic Modular Air-Feed Folder FK2000259 LCD Display & Keypad Panel FK2000260 230VAC RevA MPU Control Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Board Pitney Bowes LimitedPixelVision PV112 PV116 PV116X PV118 SGT18 SGT20 SMARTGLASS PixelVisionPIXY SCB-BA. 4 TFT video Sinumerik Handheld Terminal monitor A5008TFT003 8. 12 Switch Mode Power Supply P-A16 2 16 Channel Output Module P-PM 2 PLC P02-A16 2 16 Channel Output Module P02-E16 1 16 Channel Input Module P02-E32 1 32 Channel Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Input Module PAG2 Disk Drive PDSE A2-2 CPU Unit PDVS104-1 Control Rack UBA32 2A 32 Channel 24VDC 2 Amp Output Module UH61A 0303 10 Battenfield Teach Pendant UPI 3DIA Positioning interface unit USA8 1 8 Channel Analogue Input Output Module Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. 17 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal TFT Display Panel 5D5510. National Display Systems DMS12-ZN LCD Panel VF-X15-15 Touch-Screen Panel National Display SystemsNEC (see also Hitachi Seiki) ADU-20F-1X ADU-20F-2S Dual Axis AC servo driver ASU-05-4 JC-1534VMW Monitor NEC (see also Hitachi Seiki)NEDVAC Nedvac Nedvac Nedvac Nedvac Nedvac Nedvac Nedvac Nedvac Nedvac NEDVAC284 286 420 420 600 800 800 545 755Vacuum Packaging MachineII Vacuum Packaging Machine II LL KK Vacuum Packaging Machine Vacuum Packaging MachineNematron 2021 DS1217M IP2020 IWS-1013-016 IWS-1513X IWS-2513 IWS-1000 IWS-1011T IWS-1013 IWS-1013-023 IWS-1020 IWS-1021 IWS-1021T IWS-1023 IWS-1023T IWS-1103 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. 3A TCR100T100 DC Power Supply 0-100V, 0-100A, 10KVA TCR150-7-1-D DC Power Supply 0-150V, 7A TCR20S30-1-D-OV DC Power Supply 0-20V, 30A TCR20S30-1-D DC Power Supply 0-20V, 30A TCR20S90-1-D-OV DC Power Supply 0-20V, 90A TCR300S6-1 DC Power Supply, 0-300V, 0-6A TCR600S3 DC Power Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Supply 0-600V, 3A TCR600S4. 0V Open Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Frame Power Supply LTE80U-Q12C5 +5. 0V HPU300-T050II (HPU300-32)40. 0V Open Frame Power Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Supply UPS110-1043 +5. 0V Dual Output: HPU60-D030E 6. 5 VMEBus ADC Board with Signal-conditioning doughter card ICS-110B1-32-35 VMEBus ADC Board with Signal-conditioning doughter card ICS-110B1-32-75 VMEBus ADC Board with Signal-conditioning doughter card GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms (Ottawa), Ltd. MINI Sinumerik Handheld Terminal DP-351. 2094 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal BAU LOET BAU-SEITE MWE HDM-00. 853-19072-00 5XXX IDE SMS Technologies Inc. 5kW Inverter Sinumerik Handheld Terminal SSD-584S 0007 400 0010 UK 0. Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 49 of 313 P-300E-24 Power Supply P-600-24 Power Supply P-66-48 Power Supply P-600E-24 24V 27A Power Supply P-600-24 24V Power Supply P-600E-48-XHMD Power Supply P-600E-5 Power Supply PAA-600F-48 Power Supply PAA-600F-48-XHMD Power Supply PBA10F-5 Power Supply PBA10F-24 PBA15F-5 Power Supply PBA15F-24 PBA30F-5 PBA30F-24 Power Supply PBA50F-5 PBA50F-24 PBA75F-5 Power Supply PBA75F-24 PBA100F-5 PBA100F-24 Power Supply PBA150F-5 PBA150F-24 PBA300F-5 Power Supply PBA300F-24 PBA600F-5 PBA600F-24 Power Supply PBA1000F-5 PBA1000F-24 PBA1500F-5 Power Supply PBA1500F-24 PBA1500T-5 Power Supply PBA1500T-24 PBW15F-5 PBW15F-24 Power Supply PBW30F-5 PBW30F-24 PBW50F-5 Power Supply Sinumerik Handheld Terminal PBW50F-24 PMC-30E-1 Power Supply PMC-100E-1 Power Supply PMC-100E-2 Power Supply PMC-100-2 Power Supply PMC-100E-4 Power Supply R5OU-24 Power Supply COSEL <- ELCO CO. 0V Sinumerik Handheld Terminal HSU60-11 5. 03-906787-00 09952001 REV 9 1B 829170-03 B6269 E11000090 E11000092 E11000140 E1100090 E11001041 E11004140 EMI TCR-20S50 DC Power Supply TREK-678 Varian Inc. 0V Sinumerik Handheld Terminal HSU360-T033EI 3. Gestra Industrial Electronics NRG-21-51 NRL-1-9 NRR-2-1 NRR-2-2 NRR-2-3 Level Controller NRR-2-40 Level Controller with CAN-Bus NRS-1-1B NRS 1-5B NRS-2-1 NRT-2-2 Gestra Industrial ElectronicsGettys Modicon Gould Gettys Sinumerik Handheld Terminal A241-1 Servo Drive AS-B273-001 Intrinsic Safe Module AS-P810-000 Power Supply Module AS-B234-501 220VAC Output Module CL-810231-01 Amplifier Gettys Modicon Gould GettysGeveke -> Getronics (Cal-Comp) VISA-30 Async Terminal VISA-33 Async Terminal VISA-40 Async Terminal VISA-50 Async Terminal Geveke -> Getronics (Cal-Comp)Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. BC PCB Vacon NXL AC Drive Vacon NXS AC drive Vacon 500X AC drive Vacon NXS Standalone AC drive Vacon 10 AC Drive Vacon 10 Machinery AC Drive Vacon 50X AC Drive Vacon 100 HVAC AC Drive Vacon Plc, a member of Vacon GroupVAMA Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama Vama VAMA VAMA VAMAMaschinenbau GmbH VP 280 T VP 320 T VP 370 T VP 440 T VP 450 T VP 440 S VP 530 S VP 860 S VP 930 S VP 990 S DC 4500 DC 5000 DC 6500 VacBox ZS 11 Microprocessor Control ZS 21 Maschinenbau GmbHVamatex SIMOD Computer VamatexVarian Inc. DASDI-2 PLUS 2-ch RS232 RS422 Communication Interface Card 16. RNB-9600-02 NDW-2410-B NDW-2410-B-2R6 ND-11 ND-21 ND-31 ND-32 ND-40 Novotron Industrie-Automation GmbH. 02 SK005511. Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 185 of 313 Model Model Model Model Model Model Model Model Parks801-B Transcutaneous Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Doppler 810-A Doppler Flowmeter 810-B Doppler Flowmeter 811-B Non-Directional Doppler 811-BTS Non-Directional Doppler 811-BL Non-Directional Doppler 812 Non-Directional Doppler 915-BL Ultrasound Non-Directional Doppler Medical Electronics, Inc. Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 258 of 313 ITD 42 A 4 ITD 42 A 4 Y43 ATD 2A B14 Y 1 Analog Absolute Encoder Sinumerik Handheld Terminal ATD 2B B14 Y 4 Profibus-DP Absolute Encoder ATD 2S A 4 Y 7 SSI Absolute Encoder ATD 4S A 4 Y 1 SSI Absolute Encoder ATD 5B A 4 Y 2 Profibus-DP Absolute Encoder ATD 5B A 4 Y 3 CANopen Absolute Encoder ATD 6S A 4 Y 1 SSI Absolute Encoder Series SX Multifunction display devices Series ZX Multifunction counter FU202 UF202 Thalheim – Baumer Thalheim – Thalheim Tachometerbau GmbH & Co. GC, 375400-32 G0125 PC Board W25553-2A00 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal (W255532) Dispatching Box Worldwide customers include postal operators: Belgium, Canada, China, Finland, France, Great Britain, Israel, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, etc. 5K W AC Drive 7817 7800 Series 17kW Inverter 8103-E. 4754 01 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal BAU 00. – Teknor Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Applicom Inc. 5 A Sinumerik Handheld Terminal ECPSA2 MULTI-0 f positioning stepper motors, 4 axes, 1 relay output 30 VDC, 1 A ECPZL1 MULTI-0 count module (event count), 15 inputs for event counting, 16 bit, 24 VDC HCMAC1 MAESTRO-0 axis controller, Einachscontroller, 2. 2 meters Safety technologyF-variant with illuminated STOP button, 3-step enabling switch with distinct physical feedback Dimensions (W x H)194 x 142 mm248 x 172 mm307 x 201 mm – F-Variant (W x H)194 x 165 mm248 x 195 mm307 x 224 mm Software functions Configuration softwareWinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) or higher Messages4000 Message classes32 Process screens500 Tags10242048 Vector graphicsx Bar graphsx Curve diagramsf (t), f (x) Recipes100300 Archives1050 Visual Basic Scripts50100 Article No Standard device- F-Variant Text Size Share this Page:Share this Page on. B MPU Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Card TLND01 302 PAL2 Device for TLND01 203. AAEON Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Technology Inc. UNI3402-R AC Drive 9200-0041 UP12 Board 9290-0004 UP11-3A Board CTIU200B-001 Operator Interface CTIU110M-001 Operator Interface DD-400 AC Drive EP-206-P00-EN00 EPSILON Drive CDE-75HPICD AC Drive SP1204 AC Drive DIN1220220B DINVERTER MD-420-00-000 Drive Module 960489-05 MD420 Drive SP-1401 AC Drive SP-1403 AC Drive SK-2401 AC Drive 2400-8000W Sinumerik Handheld Terminal FOCUS I Drive SP2203 AC Drive Unidrive 1405 Control Techniques – EmersonCopley Controls 303-1 Servo Drive 306 DC Motor Drive 503 DC Brushless Motor Servo Amplifier 413-CE DC Drive PST-070-08-DP-E 70VDC 7. 1 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal CNC Control Acramatic 2100 CNC Control Acramatic 220 Acramatic 3. 112 Microprocessor Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Control ST142 ST181 ST181-VP4KAR. KG GS-792523A Control Board Sinumerik Handheld Terminal for Grafix PSB V4. Eastprint 069530 EastprintEaton 1519310 Analog Board EatonEccleston & Hart Sinumerik Handheld Terminal EE-510-G Thyristor Driver Board Eccleston & HartEFAFLEX Tor – und Sicherheitssysteme GmbH & Co. Omron 363XV-A4007-E 3G2A5-OD212 Output Module 3G2A5-OD213 Output Module Sinumerik Handheld Terminal 3G2A5-OD215 3G2A5-OD217 Output Module 3G2A5-OD218 Output Module 3G2A5-OD219 Output Module 3G2A5-OD411 Output Module 3G2A5-OD411A Output Module 3G2A5-OD412 3G2A5-OD414 Output Module 3G2A5-OD415-CN Output Module 3G2A5-OD501-CN Output Module 3G2A5-PID01 3G2A5-PID01E 3G2A5-PR013-E 3G3IV-A4015-EV2 C200-AD002 C200-RT001-P C200H-AD002 C200H-ASC02 C200H-DA002 C200H-OD215 C40H C500-OD412 CQM1H-CPU51 CYM1RC E5CN-Q2MTC-500 Digital Temperature Controller E5EX FND-X12H H8PS NT-20M-DT121-V2 NT-31C-ST141-E Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd.

0V Open Frame Power Supply LTE90S-S3 +24. 5A PSU PSA-2054C Sinumerik Handheld Terminal PS 2 Style PSU PSA-2054CF PS 2 Style PSU PhihongPhilips 43 Sensing Head 4. 338 Control Board 18. 5-1 DC Power Supply, Sinumerik Handheld Terminal 0 Di Modolo 18K White Gold Amp to 300 Volts, 3. L MAIN Board Assy CAT# 503D2L691S 503D2L691 EPF-2L691K-K VPM Board Assy CAT# 503D2L695S 503D2L695 EPF-2L695S-L DDB-1-N Board Assy CAT# 503D2L761 503D2L761 EPF-2L761-L 74K LBOX DB Board Assy CAT# 503D2L764 503D2L764 EPF-2L764-L OHC MB Board Assy CAT# 503D33912 503D33912 EPF-33912-L FVIP2-L H Board Assy CAT# 503D34863 503D34863 EPF-34863-M REPLY BD TP15 – ASSY CAT# 503D36084 503D36084 EPF-D36084-K CIO RC BOARD – ASSY CAT# 503D38574 503D38574 EPF-38574-L MOTION CONTROL-II-ASSY CAT# 503D39544 503D39544 EPF-39544-N FAST CID BOARD-ASSY CAT# 503D3H003S 503D3H003 EPF-3H003S-N NARKIS MOTION CONTROL ASSY CAT# 503D3H004S 503D3H004 EPF-3H004S-K NARKIS CPU & SCSI 2M ASSY CAT# 503D42069 503D42069 EPF-42069-M DOLEV X PRESS M. 75kWInverter ATV28HU54N4 Altivar 28 3kW Inverter ATV28HU72N4 Altivar 28 4kW Inverter ATV31HU30N4 Altivar 3kWAC Drive ATV31HU75N4 ATV452075 ATV45 75kw Inverter ATV452VU40 ATV452 4kW Inverter ATV45D11 11kWInverter ATV45D15 Altivar 45 15kW Inverter ATV45D22 Altivar 45 22kW Inverter ATV45U22 Altivar 5 2. 00-2Z Sinumerik Handheld Terminal CNC 82. 25kW Inverter Sinumerik Handheld Terminal E82EV251-2C 0. KGINDUCTOTHERM VIP Melt-Manager Plus Computer Control System Meltminder 200 Melting Control System 1530083 Frequency Panel Meter 1710184 PC Board 17060229REV5 PC Board 17001157 PC Board 17060-9 Control Module 1531045 kWMeter Panel 1708059 Control Card 17080433 Display ASSY 807338 Display 804777 PC Board 800897 Control Card 802510 Control Card C16203 Leak Detector EEMC4C Converter EEMC4D Display ICB103 Control Card ICB102 Control Card T940920 INDUCTOTHERMIndustrial Computer Source -> Dynatech -> ICS Advent -> Kontron (Currently) 14008-02 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal GX1LCD S Plus 300MHz Half-Size SBC Industrial Computer Source -> Dynatech -> ICS Advent -> Kontron (Currently)Inex 143-162-00 Light Control 143-011 155-786-1 155-786 143-154 155-106 Processor Module 15507001 512 processor InexInfranor 150 25 Servo Drive 200 10 20 DC Servo Drive BA. 3 Man Roland PCB ICM-1 16. Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 77 of 313 CL7001X1-A9 Configurable Controller CL7002 PCB CL7002X1-A1 Controller Card CL7002X1A2 PCBoard CL7004 PCB CL7004X1 CL7004X1-A1 PCB CL7005 PCB CL7005X1-A1 PCB CL7011X1-A2 Control PC Board CL7011X1A5 Control PC Board CL7014-A1 PC Board CL7014X1-A1 PC Board CL7015X1-A1 CP6201 CP7202 CP7202X1-A1 Fisher ControlsFisher Porter Fisher Provox 10-DX-3311A Electromagnetic Flowmeter D50XM12X Fisher Porter Fisher ProvoxFisher-Rosemount L27346-03 Fisher-RosemountForward Technology Industries Inc. Quin Systems Ltd.

BVME227 3U VMEbus IEEE488 GPIB Controller BVME770 6U VMEBus Intelligent Octal Serial Controller BVME771 3U VMEbus Communications Controller BVME775 68010 6U VMEbus Communications Processor BVME3100 68360 6U VMEbus Communications Controller BVME3500 68360 6U VMEbus Dual Communications SBC BVME4000 68040 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack I O BVME6000 68060 6U VMEbus SBC with IndustryPack I O BVM Ltd. Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 6 of 313 E6371JA-13M6A E6371DA-02M6A E6371JE-T46L6A E6371NA-02M5A AEG Modicon Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Logistat A020 E 24V 7628-200596. TJ06-08-SM-05-11 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Box Sinumerik Handheld Terminal 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 66 of 313 Eltromat Eltromat Eltromat Eltromat Eltromat Eltromat Eltromat Eltromat Eltromat Eltromat EltromatGmbH BT-DGC65 BV-RSC-2-A DGC650 Registration Controller DGC65-DIG. 2-W075N Power Supply Indramat MAC093C-0-FS-4-C 110A-0 DI1522 Indramat Sinumerik Handheld Terminal MAC093C-0-FS-4-C 110-A-2 S001 Indramat MAC093C-0-FS-4-C 110-A-2 W152 Indramat MAC093C-0-FS-4-C 110-A-2 W1524 Indramat MAC093C-0-FS-4-C 110-A-2 WI52 Indramat MAC093C-0-FS-4-C 110-A-3 W152 Indramat MAC093C-0-FS-4-C 110-A-3-W1524 Indramat TBM1. 0V Sinumerik Handheld Terminal HSU360-T033II 3. 0 VME Bus Output Card Kisters Maschinenbau GmbH – KHS Kisters Maschinenbau GmbH Sinumerik Handheld Terminal -> KHS GroupKLA Tencor – Tencor Instruments, Inc. 2-W040N-HS12-01-FW Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Indramat HDS02. 2-50-300-W1 Indramat TDM1. 4K Sinumerik Handheld Terminal FR-A240-0. 0V Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Open Frame Power Supply UPS40-2003-2 +5. 5T 4kW Inverter R448LS D AVR Unit STV2313 86A Soft Starter Varmeca DC Drive VE00A Sinumerik Handheld Terminal DC Drive Card Leroy SomerLeukhardt Systems 703. 0V HPU100-S240042 (HPU100-13) 4.

240 V04 Position Control Module Zebotronics – STOGRA ANTRIEBSTECHNIK GMBHZellweger Uster – Uster Technologies AG UT-3-SP USTER AFIS PRO 2 USTER CLASSIMAT QUANTUM USTER HVI 1000 USTER INTELLIGIN USTER TESTER 5-S400 USTER TESTER 5-S800 USTER TENSORAPID 4 USTER TENSOJET 4 USTER TESTER 5-C800 USTER QUANTUM 2 PP OPTION USTER QUANTUM 2 USTER QUANTUM EXPERT USTER RING EXPERT USTER LVI Zellweger Uster – Uster Technologies AGZF Friedrichshafen AG – ZF Elektronik EST-19T EST-37 A VTS 3 ZF Friedrichshafen AG – ZF ElektronikZiatech ZT-5541A-1B CPCI CPU board with 500MHz PIII, 256KB cache ZT-5541A-1D CPCI CPU board with 700MHz PIII, 512KB cache ZT-6311 150-Watt Hot-Swap DC Power Supply ZT-7102 Chassis Management Module ZT-21012WF1A1 Rack ZT-7502 SPST Relay Output Card ZT-8807 Control Card ZT-8808A PC Board V20 Single Board Computer ZT-8808ZSBC337 Board ZT-8809 Control Card ZT-8809A PC Board REV. 762-00 Slave Interface AMS-M1 Bus Printer Interface MCU SCC Card CCA P-MPU. Unit KOJ1U-E32AS Ext. 1- 4029030 AGSS600-11011 ISD280-1111 OMD41-A3 WT36-R210 UE410 Flexi Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Classic Safety Controller UE1000 Series UE4400 DeviceNet Safety Networking UE4100 PROFIsafe UE4200 AS-Interface Safety-at-Work UE4427 Safety remote controller UE4457 Safety remote controller SICK Inc. <- Sinumerik Handheld Terminal ICS – Interactive Circuits & Systems, Ltd. 0 Softstarter FDU 2. 10 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal TFT Display Panel 5D5501. ELPRO FIBO-400 Electric Power Panel 10-EXP ELPROElsag Datamat Spa – Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Selex Elsag Bipiano Mail Processing System Elsag Datamat Spa – Selex ElsagEltex C108. 0V HSU100-31 6. 5 – 6M56 DC Drive Mentor 6M4Q7. 7 Operator Panel XV-252-57-CNN-1-10 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Micro Panel XV200 5. 7 Operator Panel Micro Innovation AGMPM Micro Prazision Marx GmbH. 422 4803 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal SERIAL I O – Async, ETHERNET SERIAL SERVER, RS-232 422 485 Interface, ports: 8, SeaLINK+8. 4A Power Supply SRW-65-1003 15V 4. 779A-1-B High Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Power CW Pulsed Laser Diode Driver 7701A High-Power OEM Laser Diode Driver AMI – Analog Modules Inc. 1-050-300-W0 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Indramat TDM2-1-030-W0 Indramat TDM2-1-030-W1 Indramat TDM3. Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 194 of 313 405-144-00 Power Supply 405-167-00 Power Supply 405-169-00 Power Supply 405-209-00 HPM5F2A4H6S359 Power Supply 46-251198P11 Power Supply (F24-551) 46-306950P1 Power Supply Assembly (SP598) 46-317639G1 Power Supply 47756-1 Power Supply Sinumerik Handheld Terminal ASSY Power Supply (HD23-550) 600031-01 Power Supply A3 Series B2 Series BP Series Power Supply C2 Series CAM00051US Evaluation – Power Supply SPM3A2P6. 485 4203 SERIAL I O – Async, ETHERNET SERIAL SERVER, RS-232 422 485 Interface, ports: 2, SeaLINK+2. 0V Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Open Frame Power Supply SP75-11200 +12. Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Repair Reference List Page 200 of 313 R-ELECTRONICRAD Data Communications Ltd. Only when the emergency STOP button is integrated with the safety circuit via the connection box is it activated and lights up red. 10 Operator Interface EVD472-E 470 DC Drive EVD481E 23A DC Drive EVD4904-E 4900 55A DC Drive EVD533-E 530 DC Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Drive EVF8216-E EVF8221-E Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. 0-12 Control Panel with 12 Monochrome Monitor E-A24 0. 0V HSU160-14 5. 4K-UL Sinumerik Handheld Terminal FR-A240E-0. 5-130 1kW Power Supplie XHR-20-50 1kW Power Supplie XHR-33-33 1kW Power Supplie XHR-40-251 kW Power Supplie XHR-60-18 1kW Power Supplie Xantrex -> Sinumerik Handheld Terminal SorensenXeikon HDP2CTL 01 13741 0004017 Xeikon 3300 Xeikon 4000 Xeikon 5000plus Xeikon 6000 Xeikon 8000 X-800 Xeikon IPDS Controller Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd.

PM-10 PM-2500A-2 Power Supply PM2330A Power Supply PM2484 Power Supply PM2496A Power Supply PM2496A-1 Power Supply PM2496A-2 Power Supply PM2497A Power Supply PM2497A-1 Power Supply PM2497A-2 Power Supply PM2498A Power Supply PM2499A-2 Power Supply PM2500A Power Supply PM2500A-1 Power Supply PM2500A-2 Power Supply PM2501A Power Supply PM2501A-2 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Power Supply PM2501B Power Supply PM2501B-2 Power Supply PM2501B-2-3P Power Supply PM2501B2 Power Supply PM2502A Power Supply PM2512A-2 Power Supply PM2597A-1 Power Supply PM2600A-1 Power Supply PM2675A Power Supply PM2675A-1-3 Power Supply PM2675A-1-4 Power Supply PM2676-77 Power Supply PM2676A-1-4 Power Supply PM2676A-1T-4 Power Supply PM2677A-1-2 Power Supply PM2677A-1-3 Power Supply PM2677A-1-4 Power Supply PM2678A PM2679 PM2680 PM2721 PM2721-1 PM2722 PM2722-1 PM2722A-1 PM2775 PM2776 77 PM2920 21 PM2921A PM2921A-2 PM2922 23 PM2924A-2 PM2924A-3 PM2924 25 26 PM2925A-3 PM2926A-2 PM2926A-3 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd.

2 PICMG Single Board Computer CPU Card VertexVETAPHONE Corona-Plus generators CP-PWM CP1 Generator 1-2kW CP2 Generator 3-5kW CP3 Generator 6-10kW CP5 Generator 12-40kW CP7 Generator 50-80kW TF415 Remote Control CP-CAN Inerface Card CP-IO Inerface Card CP-MOD Inerface Card CP-TCP IP Inerface Card CP-PROFI Inerface Card TS360 SKIP Unit + Control Box VETAPHONEVibro-Meter Inc. 60 60 Amp DC Drive ADB F415. SMC Thermo-con – SMC Corporation of America HEC200W-2-X5 Temperature Controller Sinumerik Handheld Terminal XT244-391 INR-244-110E INR-499-201-X021 ( U2-855DD ES1D80-002255-15 R ) INR-244-211W-45 INR-244-211W-45 CT2980-090875-W1 INR-244-215A INR-244-216A INR-244-217A INR-244-218D INR-244-230V INR-244-230W INR-244-317 INR-244-602 INR-244-646 INR-244-646A INR-244-647 INR-244-647A Power Supply IS1000 IS3000 ISA ISE1 ISE2 ISE3 ISE4 ISE5 ISE30 ISE40 ISE50 ISE60 ISG PS1 PSE ZSE1 ZSE2 ZSE3 ZSE4 ZSE5 ZSE30 ZSE40 ZSE50 ZSE60 ZSM1 IF IFW PFA PFD PFD PFW ITV IT SMC Thermo-con – SMC Corporation of AmericaSMS Technologies Inc. Zebotronics – STOGRA ANTRIEBSTECHNIK Sinumerik Handheld Terminal GMBH SE-400. KG VS-20 VS-30 VS-40 Vacuum Packaging Machine HAJEK – Maschinenbau Heinrich Hajek GmbH & Co. – Nuova Roj Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Electrotex Srl. 83 NetzteilBrunswick Scientific M1117-2040 Water Regulator Filter Kit M1117 M1131-7012 Brunswick ScientificNewall Measurement Systems DP7 DRS Digital Readout System Counter DP8 Sapphire DPG Topaz DPG2000 E70 Newall Measurement Sinumerik Handheld Terminal SystemsNEWPORT Electronics, Inc. 3-040-7-FW Servo Drive Indramat DKC01. Simonazzi + Sidel Group Sinumerik Handheld Terminal APOOA132E Simonazzi + Sidel GroupSimplex Grinnell – SimplexGrinnell LP. 1-4 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal CPU Module EBE-223. 0V Open Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Frame Power Supply UPS65-1004-3 +5. 15-1B DC Drive TPY3-1122A Typact Amicon 112A DC Drive TPY3-32-2A SIEI 32A DC Drive TPY3-415 440 TPY3-415 440-140L-4B Typac 140A DC drive TPY3-415 440-140L-B Typact DC Drive TPY3-415 440-140L-B Typact DC Drive TPy3-415 440-40-4B Typact DC Drive TPY3-415 480-185L-2B TPY3-415 480-20-2B Typact DC Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Drive TPY3-415 480-40-2B Typact DC Drive TPY3-500 520-40-4BCON Typact 40A DC Drive KM – Klockner Moeller Sucos – Moeller ElectricKardex -001-B Extractor Power Control 6001743-001-B DCC MKB 2079774-01 KardexKarl Suss – SUSS MicroTec AG. 0V Sinumerik Handheld Terminal HPU100-D050K 8. S220 14 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Servo Drive SMTB. 2-08-03 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal AC Servo Power Supply Indramat TVD1. 86130-0003 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal MS-1000 VME Board 16. Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 100 of 313 HSU200-Q050MII (HSU200-42) HSU200-Q050DII HSU200-Q033EII HSU200-T HSU300-T050II (HSU300-32) Triple Output PS HSU300-T050KK Triple Output PS HSU300-T050MI Triple Output PS HSU300-T033II Triple Output PS HSU300-T033EI Triple Output PS HSU300-T050DI Triple Output PS Triple Output: HSU360-T050II 5. 2 Laser Cutting Machine Axel Linear Sinumerik Handheld Terminal 3015 L2 L2. 970-00 (32. 5FECP VFD MotorMaster Sinumerik Handheld Terminal MM 7. 2K-UL Sinumerik Handheld Terminal FR-U120S-0. : F248910) IDE Card Ref. 251 PS306 PLC PS-306-DC compact controller, 16DO, 4AI, 1AO, 1HSC, RTC, 64Kb PS 306-DC-EE compact controller, 16DI, 16DO, 4AI, 1AO, 1HSC, RTC, 16Kb EEPROM PS 3-DC DC compact controller, 16DI, 16DO, 4AI, 1AO, RTC, 24Vdc PS 3-DC-EE compact controller, 16DI, 16DO, 4AI, 1AO, RTC, EEPROM, 24Vdc PS 3-AC compact controller, 16DI, 8 Relays, 4AI, 1AO, RTC, 230Vac PS 3-AC-EE compact controller, 16DI, 8 Relays, 4AI, 1AO, RTC, EEPROM, 230Vac PS 3-AC-AC-110 compact control, 16DI, 8 Relays, 4AI, 1AO, RTC, 110Vac PS 3-8 compact control, 8DI, 8 relays, 230Vac SIM 1-PS3 Plug in digital input simulator, 16 switches EE1-PS306 External EEPROM program storage 16K EE2-PS306 External EEPROM program storage 64K TRX-PS3 Plug in Sinumerik Handheld Terminal timer adjustment module, 4 channels MU-PS3 Temperature sensor input, 3 x NI1000, 1 x PT100 MUPT-PS3 Temperature sensor input, 4 x PT100 V1-PS3 Wiring input unit for analog inputs and outputs KPG 1-PS3 Suconet Cable, PS306 to PS3, 0. Pneutronics 691-000119-001 Flex Pressure Control Unit 990-004365-001 Pressure Control Unit 990-4765—001 SB8 X Board 990-4716-83-84-63-63-65-71-71-72-72-74-65-71-002 AA00000 Flex Pneumatic Pressure Control PCA NIB VIP-F AA003331 VIP-F AA002449 PneutronicsPOLYTRON PT-10 35 Homogenizer PT-1200C Homogenizer Mixer PT-1300D PT-2000 PT-3100 PT-6000 Digital High-End Benchtop homogenizer PT-6100 PCU-2 Speed Control POLYTRONPORTEK UK14844-03 PORTEKPositec – SIG Positec Automation GmbH. 5CXS5A2I1 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal PC00258. 008 Servo Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Drive CDD34. 0V Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Open Frame Power Supply UPS110-1151 +15. 0V Open Frame Power Supply Sinumerik Handheld Terminal UPS65-1121 +12. PCI 8005 48 Channel TTL 8006 Digital Sinumerik Handheld Terminal I O, PCI, 16 Optically Isolated Inputs, channels: 16 , ISO-16. 1) Controller with 2K x 8 On-Chip RAM 28 PLCC COM20022i 10 Mbps ARCNET (ANSI 878. 56Mhz RF Generator 1110-01063 13. 0 TFT monitor with 19 Inch front-plate A5015TFT129 15. 16 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal PieralisiPioneer Magnetics, Inc. Fibrevision FA100 Analyzer FX100 Microscan System FibrevisionFIFE A9-993-A A9-993-AAL A9H-993-AAL CDP-01-H Controller CDP-01-H12 Controller CDP-01-M Web Guide Controller CDP-01-M12 Controller CSP-01-13 ESU-01 D-MAX Operator Interface D-MAX Controller DP-20 Polaris Controller InPrint Video Web Inspection System SBPC-21-DN DeviceNet Protocol Converter SBPC-21-CN ControlNet Protocol Converter SBPC-21-EN Modbus TCP Ethernet Protocol Converter SBPC-21-PB Profibus Protocol Converter SBPC-21-IB InterBus Protocol Converter SBPC-21-EN IP Ethernet Protocol Converter Scan-A-Web Visual Inspection System Polaris Web Guide Controller FIFEFiretrol C-652 Battery Charger FTA1100-AA Battery Charger LL-1580 Battery Charger PC-1729 FiretrolFireye Inc. 00 DO-1136-000 E984-385 E984-685 FA3240 FM1100 GM-0984-601 GM-HBDS-002 GM-MBPL-001 I425 I425A 184 Remote I O Driver +5VDC I426 I644-610 I646 IO-1100-000 L206-0115 LMGT-75 12 M201-000 M340 PLC M380-004 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal M380-006 M480-004 M480-008 M680-008 M780-032 M841A-001 M84A-001 M84A-002 M907 Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd.

Box 1377, Holon 58171 URL: , – Alonex Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Electronic Equipment Repair Reference List Page 53 of 313 D120PM23 AC Output Module D120PM31 Latch Board D120PM32 Timer Counter D120PS1 Power Supply Cutler HammerCybelec DNC-60 CNC Control DNC-70 CNC System DNC-74 CNC System DNC-74PS DNC-80 CNC Control DNC-84PS B V-DNC-84 CNC Control V-DNC-84 B DNC-90 CNC System DNC-600 CNC Control DNC-700 CNC Control DNC-880 CNC Control DNC-900 CNC Control DNC-1200 CNC Control DNC-7000 CNC Control T-100C Power Supply TYP-1002 CNC CybelecDaihen ATP-15B Microwave Generator DaihenDaikin Industries DHA00794E Control Card Daikin IndustriesDanfoss 175B0012 VLT10. 569S-2 FRN7. 15 Operator Interface 5D5001. 2-100-300-W1S0102 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Indramat TDM1. 35 (uses Z16C32), ports: 1, Route 56 5102 SERIAL I O – Sync Async, PCI SYNC, RS-232 422 485 (uses Z85230), ports: 1, ACB-MP. FranceMELCHER K1000 AC DC DC DC Converter SMF3D8G4B1 Power Supply MELCHERMELSEC AD72 Positioning Module AnU AnA AnN A68AD 8ch 5mV 20 A resolution (-10to10VDC,4to20mA) analog I P Sinumerik Handheld Terminal A68ADN 8ch -10to10VDC,4to20mA analog I P (high resolution) A62DA 2ch 5mV 20 A resolution (-10 to 10VDC 4 to 20mA) analog O P A62DA-S1 2ch 5mV 20 A resolution (-10 to 10VDC 4 to 20mA 0 to 20mA) analog O P A616AD 16ch 1 4000 resolution (-10to10VDC 4to20mA) high speed, high density analog I P A68DAV 8ch -10 to 0 to 10VDC analog voltage O P (high resolution) A68DAI 8ch 0-20mA analog current O P A616DAV 16ch -5 10 to 0 to 5 10VDC high speed,high density analog O P(voltage) A616DAI 16ch 0-20mA high speed,high density analog O P(current) A68P I P slot power supply for A616DAV I, DC+ -15V O P A60MX 16ch multiplex analog I O A60MXR 16ch multiplex analog I O (I P isolation) A60MXT 16ch thermocouple mutiplex analog I O Super Save On Beautiful AC12B 1. 2-050-300-W0 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Indramat TDM1. 0V Sinumerik Handheld Terminal HPU100-T033KK 10. SI220 30 Servo Sinumerik Handheld Terminal Drive SMTB. Please use this link to notify us: 393980 You might also be interested Sinumerik Handheld Terminal inBETA to Copyright 2015 Turn on more accessible mode Turn off more accessible mode Mobile Panels Tools Automation TechnologyAutomation TechnologyLanguage SearchSearch term(s)Search Site ExplorerOperator Devices You are here: SIMATIC HMI Mobile PanelsPower and safety in your hands SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels 2nd generation offer even more performance, flexibility, convenience and quality making mobile operation and monitoring even safer and more efficient. 2708 KLM-4 M2. 4M-80N Encoder SumtakSupervac GmbH. 85330-0003 Sinumerik Handheld Terminal ZSB. 0V Open Frame Power Supply Sinumerik Handheld Terminal UPS65-1002-A +5. 7161 RS-232 Interface 7201 SERIAL I O – Async, PCI, RS-232 422 485 Interface, ports: 2, Ultra-COMM+2. ACR Automatic Camera Register Control System G.

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