Antique Knife Edge 21 Ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold Si1 F

25 long, antique knife edge brown leather sheath. Measures 13 Antique Bradley & Hubbard 1 2 inches long. Leather sheath is hand stichted on the bottom. $165 antique knife edge WW11 BOWIE KNIFE. This is a very rare documented Little Big Horn issued 7th Cav. Kutmaster Utica NY U. General Prim Bowie Knife Large Bowie knife etched blade horses riders. $265 MEXICAN STAG HANDLE KNIFE & SHEATH. Knife measures nearly 10 inches and blade is 6 1 2 inches long. Old Buffalo skinning knife marked on handle Russell Green River Works. Nice Frontier Bowie unmarked. Very rare to find confederate dagger with the original sheath. This is a nice little knife that has writing on the blade and is in spanish. Stag handle great Antique Bowie Knife. BOWIE KNIFE. Large Bowie antique knife edge knife horn handle with Damascus Blade. The end cap of knife is made from cape antique knife edge buffalo horn. A large Texas made Bowie knife measures 17 inches with a 12 inch blade. $950 PROTOTYPE RANDALL KNIFE. On top of guard it says USM 3 Imperial. Old dagger Bowie knife with deer hide sheath. Blade reads WITH MY OWNER ARE THE VOICES AND WITH ME THE PUNISHMENT. 5 long blade. On the handle is intinials R. Bowie has wood handle and is in nice condition. Origianl sheath has buffalo antique knife edge head on it.

Knife is in nice condition with stag grips. 3 inches long with a 11. $1550 antique knife edge Revolutionary War KNIFE. Dagger measures 8 1 2 inches long. This bowie is marked number 200. This kind of knife Antique English Oak Buffetsideboard Late was used by woman that worked in saloons and could keep it in there garder. $495 LARGE PUSH DAGGER. $275 VINTAGE antique knife edge MEXICO BOWIE KNIFE.

$825 ANTIQUE BOWIE KNIFE LARGE. Great looking stagg handle skinning knife Antique Chinese Large 2 Door Dark Elm with Elk engraved on handle. Blade measures 9. $395 CONFEDERATE BOWIE KNIFE CIVIL WAR. Original sheath. Original antique knife edge leather sheath. $695 OLD DEER FOOT POCKET KNIFE.

Large bowie knife measures 13 3 4 inches. Maker marked on blade original bowie knife Sabre Japan 631. Large clip point Bowie knife single edge blade showing some Damascus pattering and is amazing quality. Dagger is pretty rough but would make a great parts knife. Measures 12 Pair Of Antique Italian Silver 1 2 inches overall. Handle is made of horn. $425 1800’S FIGHTING DAGGER. Pommel in the shape of knights helmet. Buffalo hunters antique knife edge tacked knife sheath maker marked Russel knife. Very nice Navy Dagger in mint condition. $125 VINTAGE CASED BOWIE KNIFE. Vintage dagger antique knife edge with High Life etched blade approx. Would make a great addition to a beaded knife sheath. Rare factory engraved antique knife edge Winchester knife. $595 1850’S FRONTIER BOWIE KNIFE. $1295 OLD BOWIE MAKER MARKED. This maker was in business from 1836-1838 with a shop in the Astor Building in downtown New York City. MODEL 1-8 antique knife edge Scarce 1940’s Randall made Spfld Mass fighting knife. Large confederate bowie knife came out of an old time civil war collection. San Francisco. $550 CABINET CARD PHOTO COWBOYS & BOWIE KNIVES. Vintage German dagger marked Dresen soligen germany. Gold etched knife 7th.

Ivory handle knife sharpener made by Hoffritz NY. A beautiful 1830’s bowie Antique 1880 S William Henry Kemps Children knife with stag horn handle. Bowie with 10 1 16 spear point blade, 16 1 4 overall length. It has Mexico on blade and engraving of antique knife edge desert on other side of blade. Old handmade WW11 fighting knife engraved handle with a 8 inch blade and overall nearly 13 inches. Measures 11 inches long with original sheath. $3575 LARGE BUFFALO SKINNER KNIFE Old Buffalo skinner knife marked on blade OLD FILE HAND MADE. $475 MAKER MARKED BOWIE KNIFE. $1795 WW11 HANDMADE KNIFE & SHEATH. 5 inches long unfolded. $795 1800’S COWBOY HAT. Very large bowie knife with the original sheath. Etched on both sides of blade. Bowie 1 Carat Blue Diamond was made in the 1850’s era. $185 OLD STAG HANDLE BOWIE KNIFE. Blade is etched on both sides. Old Bowie knife with original sheath. Handle is in antique knife edge good condition with no cracks just 1 worm hole. Bowie measures 11 1 2 inches long. Wood handle. Large Winchester knife with Ivory handle stamped on blade Winchester Trade Mark U. $150 DRESEN antique knife edge MARKED GERMAN DAGGER. Confederate dagger with origianal leather sheath was found behind a wall while tearing down old home sted in New Orleans some years ago. Large bowie knife maker marked DARAEL 800 with sheath. Indeed this knife needs to be researched. Running Wolf was 20 years old when he enlisted in the 7th Cavalry scouting unit in April 1876. Maker marked Belivet Tandil Argentinia knife with original sheath. Very large bowie knife measuring 14 inches overall with a 9 1 2 inch blade. Knife is in great condition. Blade is engraved and handle with medallion inlaid in the middle of handle. Nice antique knife edge blade with blood groove. Handle is a nice two color horn. Handle made of horn.

$95 OLD KNIFE & SHEATH. Very old knife and silver sheath maker marked. Measures 15 inches and 10 inch blade. The sheath is covered with some type of snake skin. $125 ANTIQUE JAPANESE KNIFE. $275 ETCHED antique knife edge BLADED DIRK GERMANY. $275 DAMASCUS BLADE BOWIE KNIFE. 1800’S Gaucha Antique Persian Tabriz Prayer knife and sheath marked Simba on blade. $795 OLD DAGGER BOWIE DEER HIDE SHEATH. Old hunting knife with initials D. Rare dagger for trench fighting. R WW11 FIGHTING KNIFE. R KRIS 1700’S DAGGER KNIFE. Custom made Bowie knife made by famous Mexican knife maker Gustado Bellon Sr. Bowie measures 13 1 2 overall. Nice old skinner with Ivory grips. $195 STAG HANDLE KNIFE. Handle is made antique knife edge of wood. Measures 12. 5 antique knife edge inches long. COA Wendell Grangaard p. Measures 12 inches long has iron guard. Know one has ever seen this type of guard. Sheath is marked RAMBO 111. $175 GRAVELEY & WREAKS NEW YORK BOWIE KNIFE. $285 1800’S AMERICAN MADE BOWIE KNIFE. Bowie measures 18 inches with a 12 inch blade. Knife was said to have been made down south which would make since having a shirmp handle. Sheath is marked RKSA. Blade made from an file with a wood handle. Very nice stag grips. World antique knife edge War 1. Old stag handle knife. Vietnam survival bowie knife marked Japan. $325 OLD MOUNTAIN MAN BOWIE KNIFE. Maker antique knife edge marked G. ANZA Bowie knife blade made from a file. Great looking 1850’s Frontier Bowie Knife with a deer horn for the cross guard. $150 ANTIQUE REMINGTON SKINNER BOWIE KNIFE. Bowie measures 13 inches long. Old WW11 side knife. Old knife maker marked A. $165 MASSIVE antique knife edge ANTIQUE BOWIE KNIFE. West Cut hunting knife. Bowie knife came out of a old time collection in Texas. Also marked by the maker on butt of handle H. Engraving on blade. A very nice civil war bowie knife with antique knife edge wood handle. This old bowie knife is antique knife edge maker marked with Indian kneeling on one knee shooting an arrow. Early bowie knife & leather sheath bone handle. $1495 Olsen Knife “Rosewood Survival Knife w Blood Grooves. Nice early dagger measures 9 3 4 overall. $295 LARGE BONE HANDLE BOWIE KNIFE.

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