Antique Knife Edge 21 Ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring White Gold Si1 F

5″ 10 X 13 Antique Fine Hand double edged unmarked steel blade, cast brass bar type guard, and crown pommel with steel capstan rivet and front and rear collars on cordage wrapped wood grip, total length 10. Would make a great addition to a beaded knife sheath. Great bowie. Dagger is pretty rough but antique knife 1pcs Fuji White Hakko Touchscreen V606em20 In edge would make a great parts knife. $295 EARLY LARGE BOWIE KNIFE & SHEATH Great old bowie knife with original leather sheath. $395 UNITED STATES MARINE FIGHTING KNIFE WW11. OLD WW11 Flick Knife in good condition. Large clip point Bowie knife single edge Ring Antique Opal Black Diamonds Platinum blade showing some Damascus pattering and is amazing quality. Bowie measures 15 inches overall. $265 EDGE antique knife edge BRAND KNIFE. Measures 11 1 4 overall and 7 inch blade. Very cool handle made to antique knife edge be a shrimp. $285 CIVIL WAR BONE SAW. $575 VINTAGE MEXICAN D-GUARD Antique Art Deco 74ct Old BOWIE KNIFE. Both have large Bowie knives. E&F HORSTER GERMANY is the maker. Knife in great condition. Measures 12 1 2 inches overall. At about the same time, the iron horse Antique Style Georgian also began to blaze a trail into the west, and these construction men also had to be fed. 5 long blade. $325 ANTIQUE DAGGER & SHEATH. Nice dirk marked Joseph Allen & Sons Sheffield England. $550 CABINET CARD PHOTO COWBOYS & BOWIE KNIVES.

$1275 1850’S BOWIE KNIFE MAKER MARKED. He was an Arikara Indian born at Fort Clark village in the winter of 1856. Large old Bowie and leather sheath. Adding to the Antique Russian Diamond 56 Gold need for food, people back east were demanding buffalo robes that they used as coats and lap robes when riding in Round Cut Antique Diamond Engagement Ring W sleighs and carriages. Ivory handle knife sharpener made by Hoffritz NY. Maker Queen Cutlery Works Sheffield.

Beauiful stag horn grip in excellent condition. $475 MAKER antique knife edge MARKED BOWIE KNIFE. ALFRED CROSS OCT 1871. $185 OLD STAG HANDLE BOWIE KNIFE. Very large knife antique knife edge with horn handle. Origianl sheath has buffalo head on it. Running Wolf was 20 years old when he enlisted in the 7th Cavalry scouting unit in April 1876. On the other side of handle says US. A very fine maker marked Joseph Allen 18K Yellow Gold Gypsy & Sons antique knife edge Sheffield England bowie knife. Knife is in great condition. Bowie measures 11 1 2 inches long. Old Randall knife & sheath in good condition. It measures 14 antique knife edge 1 4 inches long. Blade measures 24 3 4 and 29 1 2 overall. $150 DAMASCUS antique knife edge BLADE HUNTING KNIFE. Exceptionally well made bowie knife with Damascus blade. Rare dagger for trench fighting. $395 CONFEDERATE BOWIE antique knife edge KNIFE CIVIL WAR. This kind of knife was used by woman that worked in saloons antique knife edge and could keep it in there garder. Brass guard Ivory handle with original sheath. $695 BUFFALO HUNTER RUSSEL KNIFE TACKED SHEATH. This antique knife edge is a massive antique bowie knife with a brass guard and wood handle. Here is a civil war bone saw knife. Large knife marked antique knife edge on blade ORIGINAL BUFFALO SKINNER. A great knife for any collection. On the other side of blade man shooting at Antique Pine American Likely Pennsylvania rabbits. Antique Chelsea Nautical Ships Wheel Brassbronze 6 X 3 Original Tin Type of Indian Chief and Pat Garrett. Handle is made of wood. $425 SHEFFIELD DIRK. Great looking stagg handle skinning knife with Elk engraved on handle. Maker marked John Ziegler. Confederate dagger with origianal leather sheath was found behind a wall while tearing down old home sted in New Orleans some years ago. Bowie with 10 1 16 spear point blade, 16 1 4 overall length. Nice antique knife edge addition to any collection. Super sharp Marbles Arms Bowie knife. Large Bowie with metal sheath Ivory handle silver anchor and arrow on other side of handle. $325 CONFEDERATE BOWIE KNIFE. Crooked bladed antique dagger. $295 antique knife edge LARGE BONE HANDLE BOWIE KNIFE. $595 KORIUM GERMANY DAGGER NUDE LADY. World War 1. Great looking WW11 handmade knife with original sheath. W antique knife edge DAMASGUS BLADE KNIFE. Very nice stag grips. This is a large bowie knife measuring nearly 17 inches long. Blade measures a little over 9 inches. 5 inches long unfolded. Silver engraved guard marked SKAGGS. $425 OLD MEXICO BOWIE KNIFE ETCHED EAGLE BLADE. American made bowie durning the 1850’s period. $575 WW11 FIGHTING KNIFE. 1800’S push dagger with letter D. Knife measures nearly 10 inches and blade is 6 1 2 inches long.

$295 1800’S IVROY HANDLE TURKISH KNIFE. There is a makers name on Antique Pair Candlesticks bowie but hard to make out. $475 WWII Royal British Commando Knife. Etched bladed dirk marked I M C O SOLIGEN MADE IN GERMANY. $325 MILITARY D-GUARD KNIFE. Old hunting knife with initials D. Handle is wood. This is a fine cabinet card photo of two cowboys armed with rifles and Colt Antique Knife Edge 175 Ct single actions. Old Mexico antique knife edge Antique Knife Edge 3 Ct Bowie knife etched on both sides of blade. Nice old skinner with Ivory grips. Measures antique knife edge 12 inches long has iron guard. $2495 1800’S BUFFALO HUNTERS KNIFE. 5 inches long. $295 antique knife edge LARGE ANTIQUE BOWIE KNIFE. Also etched on blade EL. Old knife maker marked A. Before white settlers began to Antique 093 Ct push into Antique Platinum &18 K the vast west in any great numbers, an C1930s Antique Kork Wool Persian Sarouk estimated 50-60 million buffalo freely roamed upon the Great Plains. You would strap it around your wrist or forearm. Great looking Indian knife and rawhide sheath. 1800’s pewter inlaid antique knife edge Indian knife. Bowie comes 18k Yellow Gold 75 Bracelet with stand. Blade measures 10 1 4 and overall 15 1 4. Large mountain man type bowie knife with great stag horn handle. $2750 LARGE CLIP POINT BOWIE CIRCA 1850’S. $125 OLD IVORY HANDLE SKINNER. He joined as a private and enlisted at Fort Lincoln with six other men; Young Hawk, Horn In The Front, Tall Bear, Foolish Bear, Red Foolish Bear and charging Bear. Sheath is marked RAMBO 111.

Old stag handle knife. Very large bowie with antique knife edge original sheath and C. Old Bowie knife etching Eagle attacking rabbit.

$5750 VINTAGE ORIGINAL BUFFALO SKINNER. 5 , with antique knife edge original black leather sheath with embroidered initial on front “R”. A beautiful 1830’s bowie knife with stag horn handle. Very nice Navy Dagger in mint condition. $125 ANTIQUE JAPANESE KNIFE. In the middle of blade it says Guide Knife hammer forged high carbon steel. Custom made Bowie knife made by famous Mexican knife maker Gustado Bellon Sr. Large bowie Allen Bradley Panelview 900 2711 K9a2 knife measures 13 3 4 inches. $395 VINTAGE SIDE KNIFE ELK HEAD. $225 VINTAGE Great Deal On Ladies Rosco antique knife edge figural knight aluminum handle DAGGER. COA Wendell Grangaard p. $365 LARGE BOWIE KNIFE. $250 VINTAGE COWBOY Hand Woven Rug Original Chines BOWIE KNIFE. $2495 COWBOY ERA SIDE KNIFE. Randall antique knife edge Bowie knife Ivory handle scrimshaw of Wolf by SKAGG. Old side knife with Elk head in handle. WW11 Fighting knife with brass guard and horn handle. Patrick Floyd “Pat” Garrett was an American Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent who became famous antique knife edge for killing Billy the Kid. $495 WW11 RANDALL FIGHTING KNIFE SPFLD MASS. $225 SABRE SOLIGEN KNIFE. Seldom seen brass handle Sailor’s Knife Circa 1700’s. Bowie measures 14 3 4 with a 10 inch blade. Know one has ever seen this type of guard.

Circa 1870’s $1295 FACTORY ENGRAVED WINCHESTER BOWIE KNIFE. 25 long, brown Antique Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum Ring leather sheath. Blade made from an file with a wood handle. $1575 antique knife edge 1836 ALAMO BOWIE KNIFE. Measures 13 inches long. Antique D-Guard fighting knife. Bowie has wood handle and is in nice condition. Vietnam survival bowie knife marked Japan. Rosco figural knight aluminum handle, made in Japan, approx. Ivory handle Turkish knife with original antique knife edge leather sheath. This old dagger and sheath are in great condition. 1800’S Gaucha knife and sheath marked Simba on blade. Old stag handle hunting knife with Damascus blade. Bowie knife came out of a old time collection in Texas. $1750 US AIRMAN KNIFE & SHEATH.

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