Antique Knife Edge 275 Ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold Si1 D

SOLD antique knife edge An eye catching small strainer in darkened tin. The red painted handles are antique knife edge fre of any cracks or chips and the specimen is in Excellent condition overall. This little cup is shaped like a tankard and may have been a measure of some sort. The scoop measures 6 3 4″ in length with the bowl measuring 2 1 8″ by 1 5 8″. And it creates a spout for the antique knife edge juice that is squeezed from the fruit. The comfortable wooden handle even has a countersunk hole to hang the spoon. The pan and basket antique knife edge patent date was July 8, 1879. The antique knife edge blades turn freely and the wooden knob still retains nearly all of its green paint. This specimen is very attractive with a heart shaped blade that also has a small heart cut into its surface. This specimen is in very good shape with the exception of some light rust or discoloration on the teeth of the opener. SOLD This is an antique knife edge attractive cake bread knife with a blade marked “SUCCESS”. The steamer antique knife edge is still water tight and ready to be put to work. SOLD A very clean tin flour sifter in Very Good condition. The head can be taken apart for easy cleaning. What a conversation piece! This is a very antique knife edge nice little general store type candy scoop that still retains a large percentage of its bright tin finish.

This scoop has some heft antique knife edge Antique By Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware to it and is comfortable in the hand. SOLD This is a Rumford spatula in Very Good + condition. In Very Good + condition, this spoon still retains nearly all of its nickel finish and the wooden handle is free of any chips or cracks. SOLD Here is a wonderful primitive wall box made of plain sawn maple. This pail is of a larger size than you normally see with a diameter of 7 1 8″ and a height of 5 1 2″ to the top of the lid and has a capacity of around 1 gallon. In excellent Antique Two Door overall condition, this knife antique knife edge sports a comfortable handle and a gently curved blade that has a cutting depth of 2 7 8″. The heavy wire handle is stamped “Rumford The Wholesome Baking Powder”. SOLD This is an Arbuckles antique knife edge Coffee shipping crate in very good condition. The business end has Art Deco styling and still retains nearly all of its bright tin finish. This boiler is in Very Good condition and holds 28 cups just right for a chuck wagon setting. ” and the end of the handle even has a handy bottle cap remover. The overall length of the fork is 13″ with a handle length of 4 1 8″. This comb is 11″ in length and has a depth of 4″ and would antique knife edge make a great addition to any collection. Revolving Grater antique knife edge – Houchin VU118 Here is a heavy duty, revolving grater, #712C, made by the Houchin Manufacturing Company. This specimen has a nice little antique knife edge heart cut out near the handles anchor point. This specimen still retains a large percentage of its bright tin finish and is constructed of a heavier guage tin than usual. It retains nearly all of its bright tin finish. This has a very interesting antique knife edge weave – almost like a spider web. This is one of the more interesting kitchen items that the company produced and you never see these being used any more.

SOLD A Presto French Fry Cutter antique knife edge in very good condition. It is very seldom you can find this set still intact. The blade length on this knife is 7″ with a cutting depth of 1 1 4″. This is a very handy tool for straining pasta, etc. SOLD A nickel coated Dover egg beater and it spins like a dream. This knife has a blade length of 7 3 4″ with a cutting depth of 1″. , antique knife edge 1 1 2 Pt. The script on each Howard York Sterling Box Antique says “Schoenebergers Bakery & Delicatessen – antique knife edge MO-nroe 6-4076 – 1640 W. Egg Beater – Dunlap Silver Blade VU269 This is a difficult to find Dunlap Silver Blade Cream and Egg Whip bowl and beater combination in Excellent condition. This specimen has no dents or dings and has nice solid solder work. This specimen would look great on any buffet or Holiday table even the vintage GlasBake bowl contained within the casserole has attractive medallions embossed on its sides. The 9″ blade is ice tempered to create a hardened blade that will sustain its sharpness longer and give desired effect when re-sharpened. The crescent shaped blade on this knife still has antique knife edge a keen edge and the dark brown patina so common to old steel. SOLD This is an attractive Slotted Spoon in Very Good + condition. This was one of the first peelers that had a blade that always faced the fruit for better peeling. The overall length of this rolling pin is 16″ with a handle length of 3″. The mill stands 5 1 2″ high with a hopper width of 4”. This little Round Cut 195 110 Carat E gem looks very nice with its brown and cream colored salt glaze finish. This type of pitter is very attractive with its cabriole legs embossed with a leaf design that design repeats itself on both sides of the hopper on the top of the pitter. The metal on antique knife edge this masher is still nice and bright with no rust. The embossed handle has rolled under edges and tapers from a width of 1 1 4″ down to 1 2″. SOLD An early six antique knife edge wire, Androck pastry blender with a turned handle in Excellent condition. Jar Opener VU85 A nice vintage jar opener with green painted, turned handles. The flesh fork has a length of 10 1 2″, the knife has a length of 13″ and the steel has a length of 12 1 4″. (German patent mark (meaning Deutsches Reich Geschmacksmuster) 194167″ “Made in Germany” Guido Riedel”. The overall length of this whisk is 10 3 4″ with a handle length of 3 1 2″. This juicer is made of cast aluminum and is wall mounted, with a cup or juice container and has a pouring lip along with a deeply ribbed reamer cone. The Stuart Peterson Company was one of the largest stove and hollow ware manufacturers during antique knife edge the mid to late 1800’s. These old pails are fun to collect and can serve a number of purposes antique knife edge in any home. SOLD This is a very nice Earthenware Pitcher that would be perfect for honey or molasses. The cutter is stamped with “PAT. Old West History Chuck Wagon Registry Smokey Hills Wranglers Best selection of Vintage Knives at the antique knife edge best deals. The width of the cutter is 2 “. The overall length of this specimen is 6 1 2″ with a handle length of 3”. SOLD An older set of Scotch Hands in very good condition. This pan would hold its own in any vintage kitchen utensil collection. This flesh fork is in Excellent condition with no rust and has a red painted wooden handle antique knife edge with no chips or cracks. The overall length of this steel is 13 1 4″ with the sharpener having a length of 8 1 2″ with a width of 3 8″ at its widest point. These were commonly antique knife edge called gravy shakers in their day. The scales are free of any chips or cracks and sport nice brass rivets. Very attractive patinated maple antique knife edge with a smooth finish. This Antique Chinese Export Silver Tea scoop is an interesting example due to its dimpled handle. The overall length of this specimen is 14″ with a diameter of 3 ” at the base tapering to 1″ at the tip. The overall length is 9 1 2″ with a wheel diameter of 2 1 2″. Please click on specimen link or image for more photographs or pricing information. This antique knife edge is a hard to find example with tight wire binding on both the interior and exterior wires. The stone has an overall length antique knife edge of 3″ and a width of 1 3 8″ at the shoulder. Patent information states “This invention relates to kitchen utensils generally but has particular reference to an improved design of dough blender for making pie crust. SOLD This is a Mason Seald-Sweet Juicer in Very Good + condition. Each of the two long tangs ascend into the brass end caps. This spoon would look great hanging in any vintage kitchen. The handle also tapers from its top to antique knife edge its base and has rolled over edges and an average width of “. The handle is beautifully patinated and is free of any cracks or chips. The blade on this antique knife edge chopper has a width of 6 1 4″ with a depth of 3 1 2″. You can use this to cut kernels off an ear of corn, to make french fries, slice apples for pie and more. This nice scoop antique knife edge is free of any dents, dings or rust and would look perfect sitting on top of a flour crock or bin. The pan antique knife edge has a diameter of 16″ and has a height of 4 1 4″. This cutter is very good condition and displays nicely. A very antique knife edge nice and usable kitchen collectible. By Handy antique knife edge Things Co. SOLD Very early specimen in very good condition. Both the body handle and the lid handle have nicely folded under edges. The spring tension then pushes the handle back upward to repeat the process. SOLD This is a beautiful example of an early Charles Parker & Company coffee mill in Excellent condition. The basket has a diameter of 5″ and the handle has a length of 4″ with a width of 3 4 with a maximum width of 3 4”. This would be a great addition to any collection antique knife edge of general store antiques. SOLD This is a very attractive One Quart tin container in Excellent condition. SOLD KS12 A basic but attractive carving set including a flesh fork, carving knife and steel. This nice copper colored timer still works perfectly and has that nice old timey ticking sound along with a robust “ding” when the alarm goes off. The overall height of the chopper is 4 1 4″. The dimensions of the back board are 8 3 4″ x 6 1 4″. The graduated measures embossed on the side of the measure are 1 2 Pt. SOLD This is a Shortning And Ice Cream Spoon in Excellent condition. The turned handle has a length of 5″ and has a few little dents at the base. This specimen has abundant character with patina common to very old wood and the satiny smooth feel indicative of years of use. This is one of the handy Archimedean style mixers that can antique knife edge be used with one hand. It makes no difference what kind of bread flour is used. Spatula VU379 This is a very antique knife edge attractive and interesting kitchen spatula. SOLD An early specimen in Very Good + condition. SOLD This is a vintage tin flour sifter made in the USA in the 1940s called Sift-Chine with most of the green paint still intact. Spatula – Ben Hur Flour VU319 This is antique knife edge a Ben Hur Flour spatula in Very Good condition.

Interesting in its design in that the metal frame is twisted and then folded back on itself to form the handle. This would make a great addition to any collection of vintage advertising items or for fans of antique knife edge Wonder Bread or Twinkies. Steamer Pan VU277 This is an attractive steamer antique knife edge basket in Very Good + condition. These trivets were also known as pot stands and with a diameter of 6″ and a height of Ideal Cut Vintage 1 2″ these make the perfect trivet to use in the bottom of a Dutch oven. 2,096,442 antique knife edge & 2,278,398″ also “Dr. SOLD This is a very nice Flesh Fork in Very Good + condition. The turned wooden handle and lid finial still retain their black paint and antique knife edge are free of any chips or cracks. The grating drum has a diameter of 6 3 4”.

SOLD The One Hand Wit Whip in Excellent condition. ” and the lid is antique knife edge of the old style that works perfectly for a biscuit cutter. This knife resembles the Art Deco style and the handle has a red coloration. SOLD This is a 10″ Dutch oven in Excellent condition. 11″ in length by 2 1 2″ blade width. The cutter has an overall length of 12″ and a width of 4 1 2″. SOLD This is a unique, large sized Wire Whip in in very good condition. Meat Fork – Central Meat Market VU237 This is a very nice, heavy duty meat fork in Excellent condition. 12 1 2 inches in length with a beater diameter of 2 inches. The loop handle is embossed with “Ward & Company antique knife edge General Merchandise Buffalo Gap, S. The Morris Metric has an antique knife edge interesting design including the thumb tab Great Price On Genuine at the top of the slicer. The handle still retains its vibrant, glossy red paint and is in excellent condition. The handle length on this basket is 6 3 4″.

This set includes an egg separator, a funnel, a sifter, and a measuring cup with 1 through 4 tablespoon measures. This juicer is made of nickel coated cast iron and is in Very Good + condition. Charles Parker began making coffee grinders and mills in 1833. The tapered strap handle has rolled over edges and has an average width of 5 8″. The embossed, revolving grating drum states “HOUCHIN MFG CO. This would make a very nice addition to any utensil collection and makes a great wall hanger. A neat little gadget for any kitchen. Here is the first presentation from my upcoming video about antique utensils and Dutch oven cooking. It also has the added antique knife edge benefit of an alarm that is loud enough to stampede a herd of cattle. Cake Turner – Spatula VU340 Spatula or Cake Turner in Very Good + condition. The overall length of this nice turner is 13″ with a blade width of 3”. The patent number for this specimen is 533,818 with the patent belonging to S. SOLD A hard maple rolling pin with green antique knife edge painted, turned handles.

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