Antique Knife Edge 275 Ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Rose Gold Si1 F

Its gently curved antique knife edge 7 1 2″ blade and comfortable 4 1 2″ handle make it a good size for both small and large jobs. This great little find would make a great addition to your vintage utensil collection and antique knife edge is a true conversation piece as well as a fun to use utensil. The overall length of this rolling pin is 17″ with a handle length of 3 “. They are pictured in “Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles” by Brian S. This scoop made of antique knife edge darkened tin has an overall length of 4″ and a diameter of 2″. As you can see, the cast iron cutter is still mounted to a piece of the old counter molding. This tin match safe has the attractive patina of 130 year old tin and is antique knife edge embossed with “Patented July 16 78”. SOLD An A&J Archimedean drill mixer or beater in very good condition. $225 808 CHINESE 19th antique knife edge CENTURY SWORD.

The antique knife edge blade length on this knife is 7″ with a cutting depth of 1 1 4″. Solid Steel Newark N. The comfortable wooden handle even has a countersunk hole to hang the spoon. The handle end of the masher has an antique knife edge almost satin like feel to the hand.

With its darkened tin, the container presents very well. The fine mesh screen is also in very good condition antique knife edge with a small amount of bright tin loss to the top bracket. SOLD A vintage bread dough raising or proofing pan in Excellent condition. This is one of those small items that all too often were thrown away by accident, and as a consequence, are difficult to find. Fork – Flesh Fork antique knife edge with red painted handle VU171 What a great find! $325 825 NICE 19th CENTURY SPANISH TOLEDO DAGGER KNIFE. SOLD This is the Foley Chopping Knife with three blades and antique knife edge an attractive turquoise painted T grip. SOLD A unique Archimedean mixer or beater with double beaters in very good condition. $285 801d FRENCH NAPOLEONIC CIRCA 1800 OFFICER SWORD. The bowl width is 1 7 8″. SOLD This is a antique knife edge sauce ladle in Good condition. These chopping knives are a very useful utensil in any kitchen and have enough variety in design to make a fun collectible. The attractive handle has a combination of cream and antique knife edge turquoise colored paint. SOLD A nickel coated Dover egg beater.

This spoon would look great hanging in any vintage kitchen. Circa 1890. $550 836 GERMAN WW1 or WW2 OFFICER SWORD. The metal on this masher is still nice and bright with no rust. SOLD This Rumford spatula is in Very Good + condition and still retains antique knife edge much of its bright tin finish. The specimen antique knife edge stands 5 1 2″ high with a handle to handle width of 10 1 2″. SOLD A vintage meat saw in Very Good + condition. Casserole Dish – Covered VU335 This is a very attractive Covered Casserole in Excellent condition. SOLD Here is an attractive pitcher in darkened tin. The basket is free of any tears and still retains some of its bright tin finish. The handle has a length of 4 antique knife edge 3 4″. This causes the business end of the turner to flip 45 degrees and flip your pancakes. The spoon has an overall length of 9 1 4″ and a handle length of 5 1 2″. This specimen has a very attractive turned handle with a single tang ending in a diamond rivet plate.

This specimen has a nice pattern of small circles antique knife edge cut out of the blade. , 1 QT Liq’d. The crescent shaped blade on this knife still has a keen edge and the dark brown patina so common to old steel. SOLD A tin scoop in Good condition. This specimen is one of the more attractive crates because it includes the angel graphic Arbuckles used as a logo. Jar Opener VU85 antique knife edge A nice vintage jar opener with green painted, turned handles. SOLD This is a wonderful example of a Circa 1872 twisted wire trivet in Very Good + condition. These were Genuine Herter Bros Antique antique knife edge very popular with Scandinavian immigrants and many times were made from the top of Christmas trees. Dover egg beaters antique knife edge remain very collectable today. $300 840 EARLY SARDINIAN or MEDITERRANEAN KNIFE DAGGER. Egg Slicer VU94 A nice, vintage egg slicer in very good condition. The scales on all of these knives are still very secure with no antique knife edge chips or cracks. This specimen is interesting with antique knife edge its double tang construction. 1,753,995″ embossed on antique knife edge the front of the sifter. This repousse tin beauty would look great hanging in any Victorian style bathroom and would be perfect to use as part of a shaving station on a chuck wagon or in a period camp situation. The little cup has a diameter of 7 8″. Pastry Blender VU274 An early six wire, Androck pastry blender with a turned handle in Very Good condition. This is the type of lifter used to remove the sealed lids from canning jars. This spoon has an overall length of 11 1 4″ hand has a bowl width of 1 3 4″. Trivets like this are quite scarce and make the perfect addition to any kitchen or chuck box arsenal. SOLD A nice spring wire whip antique knife Antique Victorian 18k Gold edge in Good condition. A very fun kitchen collectible. Please click on specimen link or image for more photographs or pricing information. ” These are getting to be increasingly difficult to find. The blade has a width of 3 1 2″ and a length of 4 1 2″. SOLD The Bromwell Extra Heavy XXX flour sifter in Very Good + condition. The overall length of this rolling pin is 16″ with a handle length of 2 3 4″. This scoop is free of rust and has a 3 4″ handle with folded over edges. The heavy steel blade has an average cutting depth of 2 1 2″. Really antique knife edge quite effective. The Morris Metric has an interesting design including the thumb tab at the top of the slicer. These would make a great addition to any collection of early kitchen tin ware. Increase Wilson was awarded the patent for this coffee grinder in 1818 and manufactured them in several sizes for around 50 years. The length of the corer is 6 1 4″ with a antique knife edge handle width of 3 1 2″. The tapered handle measures 3 4″ at the top and 1 4″ at the bottom. Free of any dents or dings, this strainer stands 2″ tall and has a width of 3 3 4″ with a 2 1 4″ foot. SOLD This is a four legged egg poacher in Very Good antique knife edge + condition. SOLD Here is a nice Holt’s Egg Beater in good condition. The cutter has an overall length of 12″ and antique knife edge a width of 4 1 2″. SOLD This is a great old alarm clock a Westclox Sleep Meter in Excellent condition. This is an attractive sifter with a green painted handle and crank knob. This is a nice, early sifter with “Bromwells BEE PAT No. Very attractive. The griddle is 17 1 antique knife edge 8″ wide and 10 ” deep. Champlin DeLuxe Heating Oil” SOLD This antique knife edge is a very interesting, diminutive tin cup in Very Good condition. SOLD This is a cup of darkened tin in Good condition. Dover egg beaters were so popular at one time that recipe books used to refer to “dovering” eggs. A hard I1 G 075Ct Natural to find item. This mixer works by pushing down on the spring loaded handle which causes the beater to spin. The 1 ” deep blade has a very interesting scallop pattern that presents very well. This specimen still has nice tight cutting wires and will slice an egg in to 10 segments. The spring whisk Antique Vintage Art is 10 1 2″ in length and the chicken wire whisk is 10 3 4″ in length. SOLD The Morris Metric adjustable slicer in very good condition. This would make a very nice to any collection of vintage chopping knives. SOLD A very attractive bakelite and chromed steel cake comb knife. SOLD An early six wire, Androck pastry blender with a turned handle in Excellent condition. Spoon – Treenware antique knife edge VU173 A very attractive, hand carved treenware spoon in Very Good condition. SOLD This is a very nice Earthenware Pitcher that would be perfect for honey or molasses. Meat Fork – Bakelite Handle VU84 A very nice stainless steel meat fork with a caramel colored bakelite handle. The 9″ blade is ice tempered to create a hardened blade that will sustain its sharpness longer and give desired effect when re-sharpened. SOLD Here is a nice trivet in Very Good condition. This carafe sports attractive cabriole legs and an interesting Greek Key and vine pattern around the top band. The patent number for this specimen is 533,818 with the patent belonging to S. The cup tapers from a base diameter of 2 1 2″ to a top diameter of 1 7 8″. Slicer – Covells VU343 The Covell’s cheese slicer if very good condition. The overall length of this whisk is 10 3 4″ with a handle length of 3 1 2″. 22, 1899 APR 3, 1900. The steel length is 8 1 4″ – the handle has a length of 4 3 4″. The steamer has a bottom diameter of 5 1 2″ and a top diameter of 6 1 2″ the overall height is 10″. $650 804g NICE JAPANESE WW2 NAVY OFFICER KATANA SWORD. SOLD The Covell’s cheese antique knife edge slicer if very good condition. The turned and black painted handle is free of cracks or chips and has a length of 5 “. This mincer stands 3 ” high by 2 ” wide. $700 835 RARE FRENCH NAPOLEONIC 1st EMPIRE IMPERIAL GUARD INFANTRY SWORD.

The smooth bottom is marked antique knife edge with the Griswold small block logo and “Erie PA 716E”. It is very seldom you can find one of these measures that still retains nearly all of its bright tin finish this one is beautiful. Houchin, Morrisania, N. A antique knife edge great addition to 18K Solid White Gold Diamond Ringdiam any chuck box or period camp. SOLD This is a very nice Straining antique knife edge spoon in Excellent condition. The spoon has a length of 13 ” and a bowl width of slightly over 2″. This is one of the handy Archimedean style mixers that can be used with one hand. A good wall antique knife edge hanger for any kitchen as well as a fun to use vintage utensil. The blade antique knife edge measures 4″ in length and 3 ” in width. Note the workmanship on the wooden wedge that holds the slicing blade in place. A nice juicer that makes a fun conversation piece. SOLD A antique knife edge nice EKCO apple peeler and corer combination in Very Good + condition. SOLD This is antique knife edge a very attractive One Quart tin container in Excellent condition. SOLD A nice, vintage aluminum butter cutter or slicer in excellent condition. Spatula VU321 This is a very nice primitive spatula in Very Good + condition. Muddlers of this style have a business end of tinned cast iron and date to around 1870.

This is a very collectible specimen that displays very well. It is not often you find these coffee boilers in a size this large in such great condition – the copper still retains a beautiful patina with some carbon build up on the bottom of the boiler. The gears are protected by an ornate, decorated cover. A great conversation piece a very useable. SOLD A “Tidy” Spoon Rest in Very Good condition. The wheel of the beater is engraved with the words “Dunlaps Silver Blade Cream & Egg Whip No Spatter No Waste J. SOLD A shelf mount, Houchin, antique knife edge vegetable grater in museum quality condition. What Antique Clipper Ship In Bottle Early a showpiece it displays antique knife edge like a gem with a wreath of roses cut into its sides. This specimen has wonderful rust free patina and a sculpted wooden handle that is free of any chips or splitting. Each of the cake molds has a diameter of 4 ” and the griddle stands 1 ” in height. The chopper works by plunging the spring loaded inner blade up and down like a pogo stick. ” This little antique knife edge box sports dovetailed corners, is free of any cracks and has a lid that slides easily. May 6th 1873, Apr 3rd 1888, July 9th 1889″. The interior of the mill even has coffee residue. The overall length antique knife edge of this nice little slicer is 12″ with a width of 3 1 2″. Very antique knife edge Good + condition. This spoon is in Very Good condition and has a total length of 13 “. This nice little cutter sports a turned, red painted handle that has minimal chipping. This whisk has an attractive turned handle that is free of any chip or cracks.

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